Lets face it, Lipsticks are an important part of a girl’s life….

It’s the first thing that touches your wine glass and stays there throughout the night. It’s the cause of many an accident as you pause at the side of the road and swivel it in front of  the rear view mirror. It’s an instant confidence booster,  a quick touch up as soon as you enter a party, and its the cause of many a broken marriage as well (Lipstick stains on your man’s collar that does not belong to you!) . But a lot of us struggle with colors that look good on us, and how to choose the best color for us. I put together a few methods that might help some of you out while testing lipstick shades out

  • The Bobbi Brown Method for choosing a nice everyday color:

Bobbi Brown says choose a color that is a tone deeper than your natural lip color. Apply the lipstick on one lip and compare it with your other lip. If it is  a tone or two tones  deeper than your natural lip color this is the lipstick for you

  • The “Under your lip “method  for choosing a lighter lip color:

 Another technique to help you choose a lighter lip color is to match your lipstick to the area  under your bottom lip. Stick your bottom lip out and the pale pink flesh inside –  that’s the color you should go for when yo u buy a lighter color

  • The Warm tone/Cool tone Funda:

A lot of people say that warm skin tones (green veins, yellow skin, looks good in gold jewellery) look good in warm lipsticks. Cool skin tones (blue veins, pink undertones, looks good in silver jewellery) look good in cool toned lipsticks.   Warm colors are  generally colors of the fire- orange, yellow, reds  (this doesn’t mean you buy a yellow lipstick, this just refers to the undertone of the color). Cool colors are more like colors of the sea blues, lavender, purples etc.

So a warm pink- is like a reddish pink or a coral orangey pink…but a cool pink is a purplish pink. Get it? No? Doesn’t matter, neither do i most of the time. This is a funda I don’t religiously follow, i feel like even though i am a warm undertone, some cool pinks look great as a contrast against my face, while some of the more orangey pinks can hot up my face too much. But its a good rule to follow anyway.

  • The Swatch Test:

If you have pigmented lips, and you swatch a lip color on your hand thinking this is
perfect – wait a minute. It’s not . Choose a color darker than the one you think is perfect – that is the perfect color! This is happened to me so much, i swatch something on my hand i thnk-this is perfect. But i go home and find that it washes out my skin tone, specially because my lips are darker so once i put this on , it looks lighter… so my mantra is if my gut instinct says this is a nice color choose a shade darker-its nicer

  • The size of your lips:

You will very rarely see Kareena Kapoor wear a very bright glossy  lip color – and that’s because she has such voluptuous lips that grab attention , that any sort of overtly bright lip color draw way too much attention to them making it look slightly garish. So she always plays them down with pale pinks or nudes. On the contrary, if you have tiny lips do go for bright, glossy colors that will make them stand out.

  • Dont Swatch on the back of your hand:

This is somethin I learnt from Gossmakeupartist on YouTube. He says, if you are swatching lipsticks in the store, don do it on the back of your hand because the veining and the skin there is totally different from your lips. He recommends swatching the lipstick on the pad of your index finger – the texture here is a lot closer to the texture of your lips and should be a better match!

  • Look at  Celebrities who are the same skin tone as you, an pay attention to what they wear: In my case, thats like Genelia  and Deepika Padukone. Since Chris”s very rightly mentiond in the comments below, this is a really easy guide to see what works for you or not. Plus celeb stalking is fun no?
A few other tips

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