My mom is the type of person, whome i feel should have been born to  English royalty in a previous century where she could have enjoyed tea and crumpets over readings of Shakespeare. See, when normal people say things like “Dont be naughty“, she says things like “Oh you are such an imp!!“.When normal people say “She is so fake“, my mom will say “She is utterly superfluous“. You get the picture right “The food is so yummy“gets translated into “its a delectable spread”  and so on. Haha, its quite entertaining, watching her switch between a thorough convent educated ‘propah’ english accent  to a Punjabi dialect !! So when I got Illamasqua’s Obsidion eyeshadow, i immediately googled Obsidion to find that it means a blackish volcanic rock. The next time i talk to my mom i will use this word like ” That rock is as black as obsidion” or something . Im sure she will wonder how the hell her daughter whose vocabulary contains words mostly like “Yummmmyy, Yipeeee, Mommieeeee” ever came up with a word that she didn’t understand ! Who knew, makeup could make you smarter huh? *Wear glasses and feels cool*

Apart from making me a tad smarter, Illamasqua Obsidion also made me feel smokier, because Illamasqua Obsidion is perfect for a black smokey eye. A matte black is really the first shadow you need to buy, even though its the most boring….but its really the shadow you will turn to for any type of makeup- to build up the color in your crease or to flat out smoke it out on your lid. The black eyeshadow i use is from my Sleek Oh So Special Pallette which is one of my favourite eyeshadow palletes, but Illamasqua Obdision is a welcome addition..

In terms of pigmentation, Illamasqua shadows need a slight bit of work because i find you really need to dig your brush into the shadow and layer it on the lid. Once you do get the technique down though, you will get rich color payoff. This particular one is slightly dusty and dry and not really buttery, but that might be because the texture is matte. The thing about obsidion is it may look patchy when swatched on the eye but its actually quite easy to blend on the lid. I do wish it were a more intense black and a bit smoother though.

Verdict: B

Product:3.5/5, Pigmentation:3.5/5, Texture:3/5, Longevity:4/5, Value & Packaging:2.5/5

Price:  Rs 1200/-

Recommendation: Illamasuqa Obsidion is a matte, rich black. Its a pigmented shadow, and has all the  qualities of a good basic black eyeshadow but i wish it were a bit  smoother and a tad  less dry ! It would have scored better than this, but i need to  take into account just how expensive this shadow is…

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