For those of you following me on pinterest, this post might feel like Deja Vu , because its essentially a repeat of my bridal board there. But since most of you are not on pinterest, i feel like i NEED to post these photos on here. These are Indian Bridal Lehenga photos that i have been LOVING all over pinterest!! I would love to wear these (they are way beyond budget though) , they even make me wish i could give back my outfits and go shopping all over again  and maybe they give you ideas to show to your “Boutique Vali” :p

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Im obsessed with those colors- sky blue and mustard!! I love the neckline , and i love the back.. Its actually a creation by a Pakistani Designer , but i just love how those colors work with each other! Obsessed! But much too expensive for me im sure

Another creation by those talented Paki designers…Would love to wear that lehenga for my Sangeet !! Sigh!!! My outfit looks so light and dull in comparison to this :( Me need more money to spend on pretty clothes!!!

I have no idea what the whole lehenga looks like, but i saw this photograph and i absolutely adored the detail in it! I love the little frill at the hem!

All three outfits (peach lehenga in first pic) and the bottom two are designed by ECRU (Ankur Batra) who is the most sought after coutourier in Delhi. If you are wondering why you havent heard his name its because you cant just buy an ECRU , you earn an ECRU. Im serious, he is extremely picky about the brides he works with, he can straight out refuse to work for you and getting an appointment is next to impossible. I didnt even try because the prices are pretty impossible too .

I love how that lehenga skirt just blooms out from under the dupatta and the colors are SO SO pretty!Gorgeous!!!

Im partial to Peach and to Suneet Verma and the picture above combines both of those!

Those are actually the colors of my lehenga- indigo blue and red and cream!!!! <3

The Layers. Ooff!.

Thats an Anand Kabra White Lehenga with gold work. I love how simple yet stunning it is. So pure, but my family woul freak if i wore white on the wedding. Actually theyr already freaking that im wearing grey.

Ritu Kumar Bridal Lehenga- if you are having a MEGA wedding and need to look like a very heavily adorned princess, this would be perfect.

Which one is your favourite??????

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