Lakme Absolute Lip Last in Day Love: Swatches, Review.

I have an obsession with anything that clicks, pops, or snaps. Its like when bubble wrap is in front of me, I have this zombi-esque expression on my face, i gaze into thin air going *pop*pop*pop* and i can do that till  i grow white hair. Those old style ball pens with the click mechanism were like a drug to my obsession. I swear i can click like more than a thousand times a minute with those –  I did  it so often  that my cubicle neighbour at work literally had to snatch it away for me!!! So you can imagine the thrill i get with these clickable lipstick pens like Lakme Absolute Lip Last which I have in the shade Day Love . Its kind of like sketch pens for adults I think!!!!

Lakme claims One stroke is all it takes to lock color and moisture. This matte lip color delivers deep tone and keeps your lips looking luscious and feeling supple for up to 16 hours. Comes with unique brush for smooth and even application.  Lakme Absolute Lip Last Up to 16 hours.

  • Super long wear.
  • High color pay-off.
  • Transfer resistant.

 Shade Day Love: The color

Day Love is a pretty, soft peachy pink that will work best on lighter to  medium skin tones  . It might wash out skin tones that are much darker, so you should test it out in the store. It has these little silver shimmer specks inside which look more obvious on camera than they are in real life , but it makes me feel it really should be named night love (but then night love is kind of eww sounding don’t you think- gives me a sleazy!!). The color is really quite  pretty and perfect for spring, very english rose, very young and PYT, very “innocence personified”   and if there were a regular lipstick in this shade i would snap it up in a second.

General Thoughts on Lakme Absolute Lip Last Upto  16hr

First on to the good stuff. What is  nice about this is the super sleek look, easy application and weightless light feel and that it doesnt dry your lips out excessively (you have to remember its a matte lipstick so you need some lip balm always with those) .It lives up to its claim of being transfer resistant, so your boyfriends lips wont get peachy pink if you kiss him with this on, so thank god for that.  If you are someone who doesnt need extra pigmentation, and prefers light lip colors in pretty shades then might like this lip last.

Now on to the not so good-.

  • First of all– Packaging & Pigmentation. Maybe i got a bad piece but i have to click at least 50 times to get significant product out . The stuff that comes out after 5 clicks is just not enough to coat your lips decently (or maybe i just have big lips-imagine what Angelina Jolie would go through!) . After five to ten clicks what I get is this watery, semi sheer color almost like a lip gloss. I am not sure whether this is a technical glitch, or this is how it is supposed to be, but if it is … then that “pigmented”claim can be totally wiped off!!!
  • Secondly, the shimmer doesn’t stay in place and i did find silver shimmer stuck to my nose (thank god it didn’t travel to my eyebrows  – *I am a disco dancer* ) . ‘
  • Thirdly- if you do manage to get too much out (which is rare, because most times you are clicking in the hope of more pigment), the otherwise smooth application becomes streaky.
  • Does it last? Well sort of…I mean i got about 5 hours of wear with this but it was no way near 16 hours (i don’t even want 16 hours, i am happy with 4-5 but then I have to judge you with what you claim right).



Verdict: C or 2/5

Product:3/5, Pigmentation:2.5/5, Texture: 4/5, Longevity:3/5, Packaging & Value: 2/5

Price: Rs 575/-

Recommendation: Lakme Absolute Lip Last  in Day love is a  pretty peachy pink with bits of silver shimmer that will really flatter light to medium skintones. The lip last is smooth to apply, weightless in feel and doesnt dry out the lips excessively. However, it really tests your patience (you need to click like 50 times to get any product out), i only got lip gloss like pigmentation with this, and overall was dissapointed in terms of just the overall product, pigmentation, shimmer bits and streakyness. Definitely no competition to Chambor Flowing Lipsticks which are far superior in quality.

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