Lakme Absolute Matte Lipstick on Peach Carnation

There are a few people who I am convinced need better eyesight. Firstly, the people who work at subway (that is NOT  six inches), my own mother (i swear she almost failed the color blindness test during her driving exam – i had to whisper “thats a 68” when all she could see were blurry red and green dots), men in general (orange is not red *smacks newspaper on their head*) and now the makeup marketers at Lakme Absolute . Because that Lakme Absolute Matte Lipstick honey is NOT a Peach Carnation from any stretch of the imagination.

So if it is not a peach carnation, then what is it?  This lipstick is a super pretty, medium brown-rose which is just a tad deeper than my natural lip color. It does have some peach undertone to it , but essentially once on the lips this is just a lovely rosey brownish pink which is stunning as an everyday color-specially if you are medium to dark and struggle with finding lipsticks that flatter you , you must check this one out.  Guaranteed stunner ! I  love how this makes my lips look almost as if it were a stain, like i just ate a berry or something – infact if it were up to me i would name Lakme Absolute Peach Carnation as  “Rosewood” or “Roseberry”or something like that!!  Except Roseberry doesn’t mean anything, at least Rosewood is a place (Pretty little liars)

General thoughts on Lakme Absolute Matte Lipsticks

I love these lipsticks !!! I really do, even though one swipe gives you semi sheer color so they are not the most pigmented,  but  three swipes and you are gliding your way to opaqueness !!! But what i REALLY REALLLY love about these is that they are soft mattes, they are not stark and harsh but sort of envelope your lips in this soft, matte plumpness. I dont know how to describe it really, except the finish is really lovely and really polished looking- almost like an opaque lip stain! It doesnt settle into lines, it does not look like an obvious matte- just a very natural sort of wash of color on the mouth ! ! What i also loved is how they glide so easily and smoothly on the lips – something matte lipsticks struggle to do. They also just feel so light and weightless, that they are perfect for spring summer – who want gloopy unkissable lips? Eww.  They aren’t excessively drying, but they arent particularly  moisturizing either ( so if you are miss.chappy, do moisturize before hand) , yet they last a REALLY long time and on me they live up to their 8 hour claim.  They do tend to fade around the edges of the mouth, but honestly given that these look like a stain, i dont mind that-it just addsa to the stained charm.Even when they wear off, they leave a stain behind . I think this Matte lipstick formula from Absolute is possibly the best formula from Lakme in Lipsticks in a really really long time.

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Left: One Swipe , Right: Two Swipes

Overall Verdict:A

Product :4.5/5, Pigmentation:3.5/5, Texture: 4.5/5, Longevity:4.5/5, Value & Packaging: 5/5

Price: Rs 345/-

Shades: I think Lakme needs  to extend their shades in this  range, there are way too many purple toned lipsticks in there, a few more like this one would be nice.

Recommendation: Lakme Absolute Matte Lipstick in Peach Carnation is a medium -deep rosey brown pink. If you are a deeper skin color and struggle to find good everyday lipsticks, Peach Carnation will not dissapoint (just that it’s not peach!). I thought these lipsticks were lovely soft mattes, that give such a natural finish on the lips, almost like a stain. You do need three coats to opaque, but they last long, they look like a lip stain (so if you like that solid coverage with one swipe you wont get that) they glide easily and smoothly, they are affordable , feel weightless and light and  don’t dry out your lips excessively inspite of being matte. Totally recommend, this is possibly the best lipstick formula from Lakme in a really long time!

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