It was a regular Saturday afternoon of browsing through pinterest, making honeymoon plans and day dreaming about Liam from 90210  (Have you seen how hot he is). As i absent mindedly put my hand through my hair , thinking about whats left of my wedding list to purchase , i hair feels as soft as My Sigma F 80 ! (Hey that thing is  like a furry SOFT baby!). And then i realised  how my hair had been so much easier to manage after washes these days, and i also remembered the boy saying  “Hmm your hair smells nice”. Listen, if that male creature notices anything its GOT to be good. The little bottle of good-ness im talking about is the Lóreal professional Vitamino Color Shampoo! For the record, i dont color my hair- lesser mortals like me who suffer from chronic hairfall cannot afford to color their hair unless they want to risk looking like Anupam Kher (big bald guy in indian movies for those unaware), so Vitamino Color is really not an appropriate shampoo for me. But iv always stolen my mom’s  shampoo satchets that came with her hair color so i thought this must be as good!!

Lóreal Claims” Shade insurance starts with this creamy-light shampoo that uses Incell Hydro-Resist* double-locking technology.L’Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Vitamino Color Shampoo, specifically designed for coloured hair, prolongs colour radiance intensity with a lightweight film that repels water, helping to protect colour and enhance shine”

Repel Water? That is one wierd claim L’oreal !! But keeping that aside..this is going to be a super short review because I’m not too much of a shampoo analyst. All i can say is- its one of the few shampoos that can make my dry,wavy hair – soft, shiny, and smooth without losing the volume and making it flat. I do find i need to shampoo more often with this but i dont mind really (I think maybe because this is supposed to repel water, it doesnt get washed off as easily so it stays in the hair . Just  a theory!!)  Iv just learnt to really patiently wash this out and spend more time under the shower.

I just love how my hair seems so flowy and kind of fluid but still not look flat! It also changes the way my hair looks i mean..on normal days, freshly washed hair is this frizzy, mass of waves. With this one, the frizz is gone and its like soft beachy waves in my hair!Woo Hoo- hello good hair day !!!!

Verdict: A

Price: Rs 475/- for 250 ml

Recommendation: Loreal Professional Vitamino Color shampoo, may be for colored hair but it works just as well for my non  colored, dry, wavy tresses. It makes them soft, shiney , smooth and frizz free, turns them into fluid and movable waves  and doesnt mke them flat, I recommend you really really wash well with this though- this tends to stay in your hair otherwise making it oily quicker!!

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