Mac Avenue Fluidline

Guest Review Written  by Gunmeen (Light Skin tone, Combination Oily Skin )

As makeup junkies we all go through a phase when we just hoard a makeup item irrespective of whether you need it or not and even you want it or not. I was going through a similar phase in nov-dec when I had fallen in love with gel eyeliner. I think even love is an understatement. I was obsessed with gel eyeliner. I picked up 3 fluidlines from Mac me over collection, 2 from Bobbi Brown, 2 from Maybelline (in Dubai) 2 liners from a local company called Music Flower. I even picked up a liner from Loreal. Please don’t ask me what was i thinking because i just don’t know. I think i was plain bonkers. Avenue from the Mac me over collection was one such gel eyeliner which i picked up during this mad phase. So lets see whether i regretted buying it after my bonkers phase was over.

Here is what Mac has to say about fluidlines : Mac describes Avenue as “charcoal black with gold pearlized pigments”. As usual Mac is bang on with the description. I really love the way they name and detail out each product.

My take on the product : Avenue is a limited edition fluidline from Mac released during the Mac Me Over Collection in december 2011. it’s a pretty black/brown/bronze liner with loads of small golf flecks. I found it quite similar to the Bobbi Brown chocolate shimmer ink though its little darker than that. I own the Bobbi brown one but of course i failed to realize the similarity as i was in an obsessive state of mind that time.  The liner is quite creamy and pigmented and a single swipe is enough to show it on the lids.   The golden flecks are not chunky or  gritty but have enough substance to make itself noticeable on the eyes. They don’t look too glittery and gives just the right amount of oomph. The liner can be used for an everyday work look because it will neither crease nor fade or transfer which is what a working woman wants from her makeup.

This would also work as an excellent base for that sultry brown smokey look. this liner like all mac liners does not smudge and stays put an entire day without having to go foe a touch up. The gold in the liner lends it the spark which otherwise would have been a blah boring brown/black eyeliner.

One word of advise don’t try this on the waterline. I got a little adventurous and did that but it was bothersome and irritable  and I had to remove it. I have paired this mostly with brown and gold eyeshadow.

Verdict: A-
Will I repurchase : i have heard that the permanent fluidline blitz and glitz is an absolute dupe of this. since this is a LE, I might pick up BnG the next time round….God what am i saying….I have fluidlines to last me a couple of years at least…but then u never know i might go bonkers again.
Overall Recommendation : Avenue is a beautiful bronzy-brownish with lots of gold glitters. this could have been a boring brown if not for these shimmers. Its not a must have but if you are fond of glitter for a little drama then surely go for this. If not this then your choice could be blitz n glitz which is supposedly its closest dupe although i have never swatched it so cant be sure.

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