Mac Genuine Treasure Paint Pot Review

I would like to have a word with all those aunties who invited me to their kids parties when I was 4 and made me play treasure hunt. You see, i love treasure hunt- the clues, the race, the was my favourite game EVER..and i always won that treasure in the end which usually turned out to be a Dairy Milk Chocolate. So i want to have a word with those aunties and tell them “Listen lady, you made a 4 year old me jump through hoops and over walls and dig dirt all for a damn piece of Dairy Milk??? CHEAPO!!” . Now if there was a GENUINE treasure at the end of hunt like MAC Genuine Treasure Paint Pot, i would have felt differently.(Though im sure a 4 year old chubby me would have just put my tongue to lick it !)!!

Genuine Treasure has got to be the prettiest paint pot EVER. Its like this bronze  taupey color in the pot with tons and tons of golden shimmer!!  On the eyes it’s just a super pretty sparkly gold on a sheer brown base..On its own , its just the easiest way to do a glamorous night eye and adds sparkle to your lid. I just love it !!! It’s so pretty on brown eyes!!Whats even better is that even though this is dark, it still does its job as a paint pot and makes shadows appear more vibrant. My concern while buying this was that i didn’t want a pretty sparkly base that didn’t do its job as a base, but I need not have worried. This is pretty awesome in that department. It elongates the wear of the shadows like its nobodies business and makes sure they remain crease free.

It does have its pain points thought-its quite high maintenance so it dries really quickly need to be somewhat of a Schumacher to blend this out because *poof* its dry already!! It also has a considerable amount of fallout as you build the intensity of the shimmer ! So it could learn a thing or two from other Paint Pots (but honestly this one is so gorgeous,im sure it’s too full of itself to take lessons).




Left: Mac Plum Dressing over Genuine Treasure as base, Right: Mac Plum Dressing Without Base

Mac Genuine Treasure on eyes, with matte black in outer corner…and Mac Rich Purple Chromagraphic Pencil


Verdict: A- 

Price: Rs 1350/- (But for some reason MAC only charged  me 1150/-..i didnt protest ;))

Recommendation: Mac Genuine Treasure Paint Pot is a gorgeous bronze with gold shimmer packed into it. It looks great worn it’s on and also does a fab job of being a base (elongates wear + no creasing + vibrancy) , however it dries really quickly so you need to be very quick in application or it wont blend well (I suggest building up thin layers of this rather than going at it all hog). It also has fallout issues as you build the color which is a but annoying.

PS:  If you arw wondering whether lighter shadows show up on this. Dont worry- i tried expensive pink on this in the store and it looked very vibrant on top of this!! This is limited edition so grab it now!

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