If you havent already read the introduction to MAC Trends for Spring/ Summer 2012, i recommend you open up another tab, read that post and come back to this one to avoid feeling a bit lost! These are some of the MAC Superstars, for Spring /Summer 2012 – the products used t create the four mac trends and the favourites of all Makeup Artists along with techniques to use them

Mac Makeup Artists Share their Must Have MAC Products for Spring Summer 2012 : 

  • MAC Pro Shine Mixing Medium : This shine mixing medium was used on virtually every face on the runway, to create shiney, plumped skin that was alive (Remember the Ath-elite trend?) . Mixing this with foundations and moisturizers created that “humidity skin”  says  MAC Mua Caroline Donnelly. If you want stunningly glowy, plumped skin then this is your new best friend
  • Metal X Cream Eyeshadows:  These shadows were used all over the face- as highlighter on the brow bone and cheekbones and as an eyeshadow themselves. Vimi Joshi used this in her tutorial here too.
  • Cream Color Bases in Hush/Shell/Pearl/ Luna : These bases are definitely a MAC Makeup artist favourite. Remember the backstage makeup breakdowns from the Indian Bridal Couture Week– Hush was used extensively as a sheeny eyeshadow , or over the cheekbones for a candelit glow.
  • Scarlet Ibis Lipstick (Mac & Iris Apfel ): Mac Makeup Artist ROmero Jennings says this Coral-red is an absolute must have. It creates a bold statement lip color, but is still day wear friendly!
  • Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural : Our very own favourite MSF makes it to the must have list too, because its possible the only powder to give an almost glowing, sheer finish!!
  • Prep + Prime Fortified Skin Enhancer: Mac Mua Caroline Donnely says she used this primer before applying Mac Face and Bosy foundation. These not just moisturized the skin, but neutralizes areas of redness and covered in lines for an even, smooth application of foundations. These primers are a must have!
  • Mac Prep and Prime Highlighters in Radiant Rose and Bright Forecast: These highlighters are perfect to awaken the under eye area, or to subtly sweep across your cheekbones for a soft, diffused glow to the face. Makeup Artist Val Garland calls them an instant face lift for the eyes,  and says these can be used ain a variety of ways around the yee area- brow bone, outer corner, under eye, inner corner.
  • Mac Matchmaster Foundation:  Mac Mua Chantel Miller  says that this foundation has changed the way she approaches skin. It allows her to change the finish of the foundation by mxiing it with moisturizers and primers and ensures she spends less time blending!
  • Mac Auto-De-Bleu Eye Pencil : Since one of the Key trends of the season is NEO-N, the easiest way to rock the look is with colored eyeliner. MAC’s Auto De Bleu Technakohl liner is a gorgeous deep blue that will look great on indian skin tones
Some other products you can use, since we live in India where a lot of the above may not be available
A lot of what the Mac MUA’s mentioned, may not be available in India, so these are my MAC Must Haves to make sure you stay MAC Trendy for Spring/Summer 2012
  • Mac Strobe Liquid/Mac Strobe Cream : Since glowy, wet skin is so in this season, and since we dont have Pro Stores to help us out with the shine mixing medium the Mac Strobe Cream which is a permanent product can be used as a moisturizer or mixed with foundation to ive a glowy, dewy finish. A little birdie told be that Gauri Khans plumped skin is because she uses copious amount of Strobe Liquid
  • Mac Crosswires, Mac Impassioned, Mac Lady Danger , Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick: Any pop of bright color on the lips is very NEO-N trendy! These are all colors that look great on Indian skin, so go ahead and get one to experiment with.
  • Mac Prep & Prime Transparent Finishing Powder: This finishing powder is perfect for this season since it doesnt create a heavy, blocked look but sheer, effortless makeup. It lets the skin breathe through and remain alive- which is the mantra of the season.

Insider Makeup Artist Techniques to achieve Pro Looks with these products

  1. Tiffany Johnson, Mac MUA says : Blend Mac Careblend Essential Oils into Mac Matchmaster foundation and apply a thin layer with a fan brush. It creates stunningly, luminous glowy skin. A lot of the base makeup currently is about pushing foundation into your skin when its already a bit wet- so dab som essential oils on your face or heavily moisturize and then immediately push your foundation into the wet skin.
  2. Sam Bryant, Mac MUA says : Do your color- makeup first, and then put a bit of a shimmery Cream Color Base on top of all your makeup to create a diffused, moist look to everything.
  3. Lips are all about being soft and diffused with no harsh lines- so dab on just a tiny bit of lip color on your lips, and then use a lip conditioner on top to spread it out. It shoudl look like a stained, soft lip -almost like you are wearing nothing.
  4. Keri Blair’s tip is to mix Metal X Cream Eyeshadow with the Mac Shine Mixing Medium. She says this makes the Metal X Shadow just melt on the face and give a metallic yet balmy highlight
  5. Romeri Jennings swears by the Prep and Prime Skin Refined  Zone Treatment the face, He says apply this product to uneven areas of your face before foundation, and it will just immediately refine the areas of your face to look smoother.
  6. Diane Kenal, Mac Mua says – if you are filling in your brows then after your put in the color, brush them against the grain to get rid of excess powder and then brush them back into shape for a more natural look. Also, heavy mascara is out this season- so with a very very fine and precise brush just draw a thin line near the upper lashes- almost an invisible line..this gives the illusion of fuller lashes.

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