Watch me Simmer, may sound like something a pot of boiling milk would say,  but really its the name of MAC’s newly launched lipstick from the Shop Cook Collection.(You know in old B grade  bollywood movies, when the hero and heroine had sex they showed milk simmering and boiling over . I never understood that) . Anyway this lipstick made me remember a friend of mine…I had a friend, who…whenever someone looked hot did this : Touched her index finger to her tongue, and then put it on that person’s skin and say *tttttsssssssssss  you look hot* !!! Hah! It was quite entertaining, and when i first saw Mac Watch Me Simmer Lipstick i thought..if this lipstick was a person she would be making that simmering noise to this one too..because this is such a bright, hot, almost neon coral!

If all the Mac lipsticks went to a party, then Watch me Simmer would be the life of that party – first one on the floor and last one off it.! It is such a bright pinky orange….its almost neon..a neon true coral!!! Honestly as stunning as the color is, it’s not one that looks great on me. I feel it’s a bit too  ‘out there” against my skin tone and makes me feel a bit oompa -loompa ish because surprisingly it pulls a bit too orange on me. But if you are not afraid of really bright, statement making lips then Mac Watch me Simmer is made for you!!

Amplified lipsticks are some of my favourite formulas from Mac. They are extremely pigmented- one swipe to opaque, incredibly creamy (probably the creamiest lipstick i have tried), and tend to leave a stain on your lips as they fade away. They have a sheen to them, so they are not matte but they aren’t very glossy either- treading that in between path of uber classy sheeny-ness. They don’t really weigh down on your lips given how creamy they are, and i find them pretty moisturizing.One of the nicest things about them is that despite being so creamy and moisturizing, they tend to last a decent while too (i get about 6 hours of wear with them), which is not always the case with moisturizing lipsticks.


Price: Rs 990/-

Recommendation: Mac Watch me Simmer Lipstick is a bright, almost neon coral  !! While it’s not a color that looks great on me (pulls too orange on me, too bright and makes me look like an oompa -loompa) , It is definitely a conversation starting color, and one that is guaranteed to make heads turn. If you aren’t afraid of these colors go ahead and get this one. The formula is Amplified Creme which is probably one of my favourite mac formulas.

Disclaimer: Product was sent by PR. Honest review promise- Or i shall simmer in hell..Mac Lipstick hell? That wont be so bad.,,

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