Maybelline Color Sensational Moisture Exteme Lipstick in Bronze Orange

Guest Review written by Kritika

Dear Miss. Winter,

This is in reference to your rather cold response to Miss Summer. We appreciate the fact that when we said ‘Its-getting-hot-in-here’ you came to our rescue, we loved that, thankyou. However, I think it’s time you let little Miss. Spring to takeover. We all would love some pop of bright colours here and there and on our face too because frankly I think we can’t pull off the Edward Cullen’s dead-washed-out-face look anymore. It was nice knowing you, don’t forget to visit us this December. You know we love you.

Yours sincerely,


(Editors Note”:  If you are wondering why Kritika is writing a note to winter when its getting so hot here in Delhi, its because this post was written more than a month back. Just an example of how long the backlog of posts at P & B can be …my bad !)

Time for some spring! Time for some colour! YAYAYA.

Maybelline says: “Maybelline Color Sensational Moisture Extreme lipstick has Sensational Moisturization, which is a formula with hydra nectar that moisturizes lips up to 8 hours. Its sensational colour is richer for luscious and voluptuous colour. It also has SPF 15 for sun protection.”

Let me start off by telling you that this happens to be my most favourite lippie! I don’t own too many but out of the one’s I own, this is my absolute favourite. This is such a pretty perfect orangey – peachy – coral – pinky shade. Just perfect for spring and summer.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. This can be worn for a daytime look, college, lunch with girlies, dinner date with the boy and for work too. You can definitely play with the colour by adjusting the intensity. This is one shade that instantly brightens up my face, it’s like my inner light bulbs are glowing :D

The texture is just amazing. It’s insanely moisturizing and I never feel the need to apply the lip balm underneath. It feels so lightweight and smooth on my lips, almost as if I’m not wearing anything on my lips. Feels just like a lip balm. But because it’s so darn creamy, it lasts only about 3 hours. But a lipstick this light, creamy and smooth, I don’t mind reapplying it. It anyways just feels like applying a lip balm. Lol. So I really don’t consider that as a con. It also claims to have SPF 15 apparently, yay for that!

Its highly pigmented and one single swipe will you give you slightly more than a medium coverage. I love patting it on my lips and smoothening it out with my fingers to get that naturally tinted lip look. Two – three swipes will give you a super opaque finish. You probably wouldn’t even feel the need for the third one actually. Hehe. And this coming from the one has highly pigmented dual tones lips, so yeah believe me on that.

The only downside to this would be the boring packaging. It has a metallic orange casing and a label at the bottom. BORING and UGLY too!!


Overall Verdict: A-

Price: Rs.220/ 

Will I repurchase: Yes. But are they still available? I don’t know. I think they’ve succumbed to death post the launch of Colorsensational lipsticks.

Recommendation: I would strongly recommend this particular shade to everyone. It’s the perfect orangey – peachy – coral – pinky. All in one that looks great on indian skintones  I’m on the lookout for a similar shade by other brands, any suggestions? Thanks!

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