Here are 5 of those chubby little Nyx Round Lipstick Swatches! In general, i find these Nyx Round Lipsticks to be uber creamy and pigmented but slightly poor in the lasting department . They also melt and bleed easily, but for the price and given the range of colors available, these are definitely worth a shot specially because they score in the pigment department! Enjoy the Lipstick  swatches, and i shall try and arrange more Nyx Lipsticks to come!!

  1. Nyx Herades Lipstick Swatch : Nyx Herades is a terracotta orange . Its a very similar color to Mac Mocha, and a shade that is really very flattering for warm skintones.
Nyx Herades Lipstick Swatch on Lips
  1. Nyx Frappucino Lipstick Swatch: Nyx Frappucino looks similar to herades in the  hand swatch, but on lips this is a peachy nude. This is one of my favourite nude lipsticks in the whole world, and if you are medium to slightly dusky, this peachy nude is nude perfection !!!
  1. Nyx Thalia Lipstick Swatch: Thalia is a pale, neutral pink with mauve undertones. Its not a flattering color on me at all, infact it makes my lips look grey but maybe a very very pale cool toned girl would be able to carry this off
Nyx Thalia Swatch on Lips
  1. Nyx Gardenia Swatch: Gardenia is a bright fuschia shade. Personally, for me when i wear brights i like to keep them matte so this glossy bright pink does not do too much for me but on a lighter girl this is stunning
  1. Nyx Sierra Lipstick Swatch: Sierra is a brownish nude. It is so close to my own skin color that it makes my face look a tad bit dull, but otherwise this is again a very nice option for a nude lipstick for darker girls (specially if Frappucino tends to wash you out)


Any particular Nyx Round Lipstick you want swatched? Let me know, i plan to beg/borrow/steal/buy to get these swatches done!

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