Olay Body Butter Ribbons Body Wash 

Guest Review by Saranya (Dusky Skin,  Acne Prone Skin)

I am an impulsive buyer. I do try to make lists and shop but I always end up never buying a product more than once because I just love experimenting and trying new stuff. But there are exceptions to this and this product is one of them.

A good Body wash according to me should satisfy the following conditions:

  • It shouldn’t dry out my skin
  • Lather well
  • Smell pleasant not overpowering
  • Moisturize my skin at the same time not leave an oily residue

Well I finally found one which does all of the above

OLAY BODY WASH Plus BODY BUTTER RIBBONS (with jojoba butter)

If you like the feel of an intense body butter, use Olay body wash + body butter ribbons. The first body wash to add an actual ribbon of body butter; it improves the look of the skin in just 5 days.

Directions for Use

Squeeze a small amount of product onto a wet puff. Also use as a shaving lotion and enjoy a soft smooth shave.

My Experience :

The Olay Body Butter Rubbons Body Wash does moisturize your skin pretty well and at the same time you do feel clean and fresh. As clichéd as it may sound, you can feel the difference in one wash; your skin feels soft and nourished. If you have normal skin you can just skip the moisturizer after using this, if you feel lazy. In spite of having extremely dry skin there are some days where I just skip the moisturizer after using this and my skin doesn’t feel dry or stretchy. The fragrance is pretty subtle and does linger on for some time. The only negative feature is that it is kind of hard to disperse the product when it’s almost over.

The packaging is pretty cute, I love the way you can see the swirls of purple and cream but when the product is dispersed it’s just purple in color. The body wash is creamy in texture which can be used with a loofah, bath gloves or just   by itself and it works well both ways but in the latter case you end up using a little more than required. Small amount goes a long way and it lathers really well. I have even used this as a shaving cream a couple of times and it did a pretty good job.


Rating :A+

Will I repurchase? Yes. This is my 7th bottle I think. :P

Price Rs. 190 for 295 ml

Recommendation: If you have dry skin or don’t have the time to use a separate moisturizer, then try this Olay Body BUtter Rubbons Body Wash. It is one of the best body washes I’ve come across which moisturizes as well as freshens the skin!

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