For corporate slaves like me, everyday is a struggle between looking formal, but still looking like y0u have some personality. And living in india, means having extremely boring work wear clothes like-striped shirts and basic black pants *yawn*. So the person who invented pussybow blouses and peter pan collars really deserves a kiss from my side -he just made work wear SO much easier. While i go hunt for my perfect peter pan collar, you look through this OOTD! (It was requested by someone, i dont remember who now- but should be useful to all of you who go to work)..

Speaking of work, here are my three tips for success at work *looks smart*:

  1. Learn the art of speed-minimising. This is essentially a skill where you quickly minimise the window of the shopping site you are browsing as SOON as a senior leader is around.
  2. Learn the art of nodding your head in a timely fashion: At a seminar that is just too boring to listen to? Gaze into space, think about your next shopping excursion and nod your head once every 5 minutes , as if you are following everything thats been said.
  3. Learn the art of appearing busy: So you have absolutely NO work and you are doing is gossiping with your colleague?Stare at her computer and gossip, you could just be looking at some important numbers who knew?


Pink Flouncy Shirt: Street Shopping in Delhi (GK M Block Market) Rs 450/-

Cropped Pants: Zara: Rs 2700/-

Mint Blue Shoes : Zara : Rs 1500/-

Bag: FCUK (Gifted)

Love Necklace: Bought from Forever 21 Dubai

Bracelet with charms made in Real Gold: Wedding Gift from Mommy and Maasi! Rs 34,000/- (I love this. Its on my wrist the whole time and it has these adorable charms like a teapot, an iron and a bird cage.) . You get these 24 K gold bracelets in Malaysia and you can choose and keep adding more charms to it.

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