I love quizzes. You know, those life changing ones that came in seventeen magazine like “Whats your shoe personality- Are you a Slipper or a Pump” or “Are you a party pooper or the life of the party”? I would do them all the time!!! So i thought, i would formulate a little quiz of my own. This one is on which Mac Trend you are, and how to incorporate that trend into everyday life!

You are going out tonight. What are you most likely to wear?

  1. A sequinned shift dress
  2. A vintage lace dress
  3. A bright Colorblocked dress
  4. You prefer casual elegance- jeans, and a nice top.

Which of these colors appeals to you the most?

  1. Orange
  2. Plum
  3. Lime Green
  4. Natural

How would you love to do your eyes?

  1. Use a gold  eyeshadow like Amber Lights and sweep it across for a bit of glitz
  2. Use a dark Mac Shadow to smoke them out like Mac Plum Dressing
  3. Pop a bit of color on your eyes with a bright navy blue like Mac Deep Truth
  4. Keep them simple but with a liner using MAC Black Track FLuidline

How are you most likely to do your cheeks on a date night?

  1. Golden highlighting around the face, with a touch of shimmer as it catches the light
  2. You like to keep the focus on the eyes or lips and not the cheeks
  3. You like to keep it bright and peppy with blushes like Mac Fleur Power
  4. Natural, glowing looking skin – using a cream blush and  highlighter

Which of these words is appealing to you the most?

  1. Metallic
  2. Romantic
  3. Colorful
  4. Glowy

If you answered Mostly 1’s : You are MAC Ore Inspired Trend

Ore inspired is all about colors revolving on peach, gold and orange with a metallic twist. Make sure to invest in  MAC Venetian Tarnish Metal X Cream eyeshadow that will double up as a highlighter too!!

If you answered Mostly 2: You are MAC Nouveau Trend

Nouveau is all about twentieth century romance, with soft curls swept back into a simple bun- dark eyes, and cherry lips. Make sure you get your hand on Mac SMoulder Eye Kohl for that perfect smokey eye.

If you answered Mostly 3: You are MAC Neo-N

NEO-N is all about not being afraid of color !!!  Its for the confident girl who knows her style. Make sure you pick up one of those bright , coral lipsticks from Shop MAC, Cook MAC like Watch me Simmer or Quick Sizzle.

If you answered Mostly 4: You are Ath-elite

Ath-elite is all about dewy, glowing fresh looking skin- skin thats almost olympian. Make sure you pick up one of the cream color bases like Hush, or Mac Strobe Liquid to mix into your foundation

4 Quick Ways to Incorporate these trends into everyday life:

  • Wear a bright, but wearable eyeliner like Mac Rich Purple Chromagraphic Pencil (NEO-N)
  • Wear your lipstick as a stain. Pick a deeper color and press it down on your lips instead of swiping it. Smudge with your finger (NOUV-EAU)
  • Mix your moisturizer into your foundation for an easy glow  and draw a sharp angled line with your liner, instead of curving it out (ATH-ELITE)
  • Wear a peach blush. Those are essential for summer anyway. I recommend my favourite Mac Peaches (ORE-INSPIRED)

And…Thats a WRAP on MAC Trends for Spring Summer 2012. Expect Mac Shop Mac Cook Mac Reviews coming soon!!!

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