Revlon Expressionists Galaxy Top Coat

Written by Guest Reviewer Sristi

I’ll begin with a confession – I ABSOLUTELY DIG GLITTER NAILS! (Editors Note: Me too Sristi, Me too!) I mean, since this whole trend shot to prominence, I just cannot have enough of it. I just love how these glitter nail polishes totally bling up your nails.  It’s a shame that most of your Indian brands haven’t exploited this trend well enough and we have to look to international brands (which are really hard to get, btw) to get our share of glitter nail polishes.

But about a month back, I went to my local beauty joint to purchase a few regular items, and that’s when I saw two stunning glitter beauties sitting on the rack. My heart skipped a beat and in an instant I knew I HAD to have one of these, at least!! These nail colors are from the recently launched Revlon Expressionists Range. There were two of them, Galaxy and Star, and it was VERY difficult to choose between them, but finally I decided to bring Galaxy home!

Honestly, I love everything about this top coat. The way the little glitters and hexagons catch and reflect the light, shimmering all the way, the way I can apply this top coat on almost any nail color base and give it a glitter finish makes it an absolute must have for every woman. There are times when I just stare at my nails and play the piano in the air and stuff like that! :P I’m sure many of you do the same, don’t u?

This top coat is great, quality-wise. I don’t own any other nail polish from Revlon, so I don’t really know about their quality, but this one here does not disappoint. The number of coats you need to apply depends upon the amount of glitter you want on your nails. Personally, three coats are more than sufficient to get adequate glitter on the nails. However, since it has large hexagons, it can be a pain to put on the nails. If you use a thin coat first to get the shape near the cuticles sorted, the next layers are easier to put on, sort of patting it on gently works for the next layer, and applying as normal for the third. The drying process is super quick. Also, once dried, the glitters don’t budge. The base coat which you might apply before the top coat may begin to fade, but this top coat doesn’t. As it is with most glitter nail polishes, removal can be quite a pain, but I think it’s all worth it.

This is how the top coat looks on bare nails –


This is how it looks on a normal pink nail polish (Pretty, isn’t it?)

 Verdict: A

Price:Rs 130/-

Recommendation: – Revlon Expressionist Galaxy Top Coat is beautiful top coat filled with iridescent glitters and hexagons. It is a must have because of its sheer versatility of giving any nail color a glitter finish. It’s also formaldehyde and toluene free. I really do hope they launch the rest of the Expressionists range of nail colors in India, or have they already?? Can’t wait to try those! In the meantime, go on and invest in these stunning top coats. You won’t be disappointed!

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