We are a talented family, and while one cousin is busy with Bellezaa, another one specialises in making stylish scarves!! These are the kind of scarves i can literally wear everyday- i dont think you find such pretty ones in the market, and you can just throw them on with a plain top to make a  style statement!!! I wear them to work with shirts, and on weekends i just throw them on a black top for a little something extra. All the scarves below are brand new, and unused. This is a little experiment im doing, where ill be selling her scarves on my blog- there is only one piece of each scarf so hurry and email me if you want something . Its first come , first serve. In the future, i do have plans of retailing accessories through P & B, so let this be a bit of a tester ground for that.

How to Order:  Email me at peachesandblush@gmail.com with the subject “Scarf -Product Number” So if you want PD- 001, email me with the subject “Scarf-PD-001”.  You can inquire about it and ask as many questions as you like , and if you finally want to buy it, i will need you to do a bank transfer and i shall ship it out to you post that.

Product Code: SCARF-PD-001

A large polka dotted navy blue square scarf with hot pink tassles along all the edges ,and feathers at each corner. Perfect to tie around your  neck with a pair jeans and a basic white tee! Or colorblock it with a bright sundress on a sunday brunch!

Price : Rs 800/-  plus shipping.


Product Code: SCARF-PD-002

A narrow, parachute style printed scarf (blue, white and pink) with embellished edges . Wrap the scarf around your neck twice and the sides hang down on each side with pretty beads, pink crochet lace and silver metallic embellishments. Statement scarf, if there ever was one!

Price : Rs 800/-  plus shipping


Product Code: SCARF-PD-003

A long muffler style cotton and lace scarf. English flower print on one side and white lace on the other- wear this to work with your favourite shirt!

Price : Rs 800/-  plus shipping


Product Code: SCARF-PD-004

A  small blue and turquoise leapord print square scarf to bring out your inner vixen. Soft pom pom like cotton edges, to add softness to the look.

Price : Rs 800/-  plus shipping


Product Code: SCARF-PD-005

A  ruffled long scarf with white lace and geometric circle print. Totally adorable to loosely wrap around your neck- pair it with something bright, for a lunch date!!!!

Price : Rs 800/-  plus shipping


Product Code: SCARF-PD-006

A warm woollen snood. Olive and pista green with a funky floral print, this is the perfect winter accessory to keep you warm.

Price : Rs 1000/- plus shipping


Product Code: SCARF-PD-007

A warm woollen snood in indigo blue and green, the perfect winter accessory to keep you warm.

Price : Rs 1000/- plus shipping

Product Code: SCARF-PD-008

A large, square  lime green and grey uber stylish diamond print scarf with matching tassles at each side.  Adds color and brightness to any look!

Price : Rs 800/-

They might seem expensive, but the  prices have been cut from the original selling price by a big margin.

My favourites? I love the snoods, i love the ones with the beads hanging, i adore the ruffled one, actually i love all of them. They are just so me ! If you want to buy any of these then just drop me an email with the subject line as the product code and we can get talking !!!

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