I always open my computer thinking “Today i shall do something productive- like finally make a guest list for the wedding. Or , to start the groundwork for my blog shop , or to finish xyz work from the office” . I have realised now that my brain has no control over my fingers- because somehow that productive thought of finishing  work  gets translated into my fingers clicking away at online shopping websites so quickly, they would put quick-dry nailpolishes to shame. And then suddenly before i know it, that damn finger has just plonked itself on the ‘Buy” button and my bank account is a few thousand lighter! So i just found another way around it- browse websites that you cant afford…even your fingers think twice before clicking something thats well..a figure that would draw a low whistle in a hollywood movie. This time, i browsed a whole lot of Metallic-<3 because who doesnt need a cup of shimmer in their life?


1.Clarins Summer 2012 makeup collection  which is inspired by the way by INDIA!!!! That is an eyeshadow and liner pallette and if you think this is pretty, just wait till you see  the casing. STunningly gorgeous!!! All metallic gold with engavings. A whole post on this collection coming next!

2.Christian Louboutin Purse– What a genius way to rework the traditional shoulder bag. I LOVE those metallicy details on the shoulder!! Who needs jewellery when you have a bag right???

3.Thats a random picture i saw on pinterest and i am hooked on to the baby blue, mustard yellow and gold combination.  Who knew that could look this goood? Im in love!!!Im going to show this to my “boutique-vali” (You know you are from delhi if you say boutique -vali). and get something similar made. Yes i shamelessly copy!

4. Jimmy Choo Glitter Garland Sandals: Metallic Gold and Silver in one choo? . Yes please!!

5.By far the PRETTIEST blush iv seen. Just look at the pattern and the glitter specks inside. Thats the Sisley Lórchidee blush- its just not fair for a makeup item to look that pretty! Want one? Costs about 105$ honey!!!

6. Marc by Marc Jacobs black and metallic gold bikini: What a perfect honeymoon bikini no? Understated black but with that edgy metallic detailing thrown in!!! Now if only i was going to a beachy place :S


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