VOV Lipstick Review

Guest post by CSP Ballal (Light skin tone , Normal-Dry skin)

My first product from VOV is the lipstick in number 23! My cousin gifted me a pair of these lipsticks, as  I had heard few ladies rave about products from VOV but had no chance of buying VOV products. I dont think this brand is very well introduced to Indian ladies. (Or should I say, not very well introduced to me!! ;)).

Emphasizing the lipstick, there is nothing much to say about this lipstick. It seems like any other ordinary lipstick packed in the usual twist tube- nothing thats horrendous and nothing thats stellar either. Pigmentation is decent , two swipes to opaque,  and gliding is super easy. Lips do not dry out on using VOV lipsticks, neither do they get overly moisturized and it doesnt settle into fine lines. either. One thing that is definitely above average is the staying power- it does last you a good 5 hours or so. Why are these lipsticks  only numbered!? I simply cannot understand the numbering of shades followed by some brands. I would be happy if they recruit me for just naming the shades of the products they create! (Editors Note: Me too Chandana, my dream job is too be a makeup-namer)

Overall, an average product. And the color of the lipstick numbered CL-23  is like a Maharani Pink (atleast i would have named it that) , with a subtle lustre to it. Its a great color for bright lipstick lovers, specially if you like a splash of hot pink on your lips you will love it. I usually do not pick up such bright color since I feel very conscious with these on, so its not my thing but the color is pretty nonetheless!!!

Overall Verdict : B

Price: Can range from anywhere between 200 Rs to 600 Rs depending on where you buy it from. Eg: Current price at Snapdeal is 200, but shows MRP of 600!

Recommendation: There is nothing wrong with this lipstick, and nothing super amazing either. Its an average product by VOV at a pretty good price- Its decently pigmented, it glides decently, it lasts longer than your average lipstick does.  You may try one lipstick from this range and then decide further. If my cousin gifts me some more VOV lipsticks on her next visit, I will happily accept. ;).

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