A French Manicure with a twist- Big Trend for Summer

Guest Post written by Jayashri (Nail Polish Addict!)

I am a big fan of the simple french manicure and heere’s my take on it. But you have to wait a little bit to get on to that part! :D We all know pastels are big this season, be it clothes, nails, accessories. When Mehak had posted about the pastel nails, I fell in love with OPI Sweetheart. Rushed to the store to buy Maybelline Colorama Astral which Mehak said could be a possible dupe for the OPI polish. Painted my nails and realized that this one was not as milky as the OPI one . But still the colour felt very sophisticated and polished and I was pretty happy!!!

Now comes the French manicure story… After three days, my nail polish starts showing tip-wear. Me being finicky, I decide to change my polish. Instead, a bulb glows above my head and this idea pops! I do a French manicure on the existing polish.I pick up a green to do the tips with it. Instead of painting the tips normally, I go for a ‘V’ shape at the end. This is easier than the normal French manicure as all you have to do is draw two slanted lines from the two ends of the nail. I tilt the brush a little to make the tips thin. I top it with a clear glitter coat from Flormar.

The tips are new and polished again. I still have the pink beauty and an extra twist to it. Thus ends the twist in the tale of the French manicure. (Btw, are you a fan of Jeffery Archer, I am. If you are, you should read ‘A twist in the tale’. Thanks to him for the title of the post ) The colour combination are endless here ranging from demure ones (neutral + bright) to the really edgy ones (bright + black) . )

So, if you are bored with your manicure and are lazy to do one, this will be an easy-peasy way to spruce it up! Give it a shot and wear your favourite colour longer :D . (Editors Note: If some of you find it hard to do a perfect french manicure, here is a quick tip.. Get scotch tape and tape and apply it to your nails leaving only a tiny bit of the top nail bare. Now apply polish over your nail without worrying about getting the exact french manicure shape right- the polish will automatically be applied only to the bare tip as the rest will come over the tape. Remove the scotch tape! Ta da- perfect ‘in line’ french manicure.Im thinking pastel tips, different one on each finger – so ‘on trend’ . Or maybe, glitter tips alternating between gold and silver!)

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