We are gathered here today to mourn the sad loss of our  beloved Ponds Tinted Moisturizer. Unfortunately, for no fault of its own, its parent company HUL has decided to discontinue this stellar, unbelievably priced little creature which was possibly one of the first of its kind in the market…Lets pay tribute to this wonderful companion that has kept us company for so long…
Dear Pond Tinted Moisturizer,

You were more than a moisturizer to me, but you already know that. When we decided to take a lunch break from work and couldn’t find an auto in the sveltering heat, you stuck to my skin refusing to budge. When i had no time in the morning to do anything to my face because there was some god-forsaken meeting at 8:00 am, you ensured that i looked neat, presentable  and even toned  in 2 minutes flat. When my travel bag had just no space to put anything in, i  knew i only needed you and nothing else !!!  So you see Ponds TM, without you life is a little bit incomplete.

Ofcourse, there are others who tried to be like you. But they either costed 5 times your humble price (Im looking at you Mr.Kiehls and Miss Clinique ), or were just average (Im looking at you Mrs.Oriflame Peach Me Perfect ). So to say that you were one in a million would not be an exaggeration!

Apart from me, another person who will miss you tons will be Miss Mac Viva Glam Cyndi because you two together were the unstoppable 2-minute makeup force to reckon with. Im sure, Miss Cyndi will feel your absence as she sees that little empty space next to it on my everyday dresser which really, no shoes can fill. Your murderers say that your ‘sales ‘were not enough and the clientele was  very ‘niche’. Sigh. Ofcourse it was- you were made for the classes- you were a classy product!!! (Jokes apart: HUL – if you are listening and you want to drive up the sales, just remove the anti ageing tag. Women who wear tinted moisturizers are young and i know a ton of them dont try this because the anti ageing thing freaks them out. Trust me guys, im smart)

Signing off, i can only say that your loss will be deeply mourned and you have forever left a place  in my makeup bag. I dont even know what to slather on my face these mornings anymore- thats how lost i feel. *Sniff*.


Your ardent fan (who is slightly lesser even in skintone because of your absence)


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