Benefit Finding Mr.Bright Review

They say behind every succesful man there is a woman (True that!). But i want to propose a new thought today- behind every gorgeous glowing woman, there is a man too (usually their makeup artist :p) but  for me he is called Mr.Bright . He might not be as tall or as witty as Mr.Right, but when it comes to making sure i glow my way to gorgeousness, he is just in a different league (Sorry Mr.Right!! No Offence, just remember im marrying you ok) . Benefits Finding Mr.Bright is just the man you need to solve all your highlighting woes..seriously girls, if you want to invest in highlighting go and grab your Mr.Bright….Mr.Right can wait and he will only be too happy with the results Mr.Bright will give!!!

So who is Benefit Finding Mr.Bright? He is a complex but colorful personality, and he can be summed up through 4 distinct parts

  • Benefit Girl Meets Pearl Highlighter
  • Benefit Erase Paste
  • Benefit Posie Tint
  • Benefit High Beam Highlighter

Benefit Girl Meets Pearl: For Cheeks that ‘Do the Dew’ 

Okay love tthis stufff!! Girl Meets pearl is this soft, peachy highlighting liquid that you can mix into your foundation or wear as is. I like wearing this as is and putting it all across the apples of my cheek and extending it along my cheekbones till my temples. Because this is not a ‘I will blind you ” kind of highlighter, its perfect to be used all across the face and it give the face just the most gorgeous, dewy, wet look. Its not the look of a highlighter, but more the look of fresh, plumped dewy moisturized skin ! Ah! LOVE

Benefit Erase Paste

As the name suggests this one is a concealer- not too many comments on this one because its pink toned and didnt work for me color wise but otherwise this is areally creamy concealer with good coverage. Too thick to be used under my eyes though

Benefit Posie Tint

Posie Tint is a cheek stain which is a poppy pink! It looks really candy-floss pink in the swatch but goes on a pretty, soft poppy pink! It takes a while to show up on my skin tone, so if you are darking than say NC 40 i would advise you to test this out because this is sheer. But it looks extremely pretty on the skin once blended- like a soft diffused light pink cheek!!! This is not really a dewy blush per se, but thats a good thing because there already too much dew going on in the Mr.Bright kit!

Benefit High beam Highlighter : For that extra oomph!

This is the ‘ka-boom’ kind of highlighter, one tiny dab on the highest point of your cheeks and BOOM- instant shine. What is so brilliant about this is that its not at all shimmery – it doesn’t have any chunky glitter or even shimmer. Its just a high shine, metallic liquid that gives a brilliant glow. It looks really silvery in the swatch, but this is a pink-silver in real life- i didn’t think this would look great on my warm skin but it does!!!!This along with Girl Meets Pearl and Posie Tint is the perfect summer cheek in my opinion!!! Colorbar Radiant Glow Highlighting Pen is pretty similar, except that that is less silver than this.

How i Use it: I first apply girl meets pearl generously all over my cheeks and bride of my nose, and any other area i want to look dewy. Then i use Posie tint on my cheeks like a blush and finally High Beam Highlighter right at the highest points. The poctures just could not capture the prettiness of this Benefit Finding Mr.Bright kit- its totally one of the most worth-it invvestments for me.

Apart from all the amazing components, can i just say the box had me at Hello  Highlight? Who doesn’t want a hot pink and orange box on their dresser (My dream lehenga was hot pink and orange, but wasnt in budget so i settled on red and blue instead- ah the compromises you make in life) . The packaging is  Wayyyy cute and great for travelling. This is actually going to be my wedding highlighting kit.

Benefit Posie Tint , Girl Meets Pearl on Cheeks and bridge of nose.

(I dont have any makeup on in the eyes, so pardon me if i look tired.)

Benefit Posie Tint , Girl Meets Pearl on Cheeks with  a dab of High Beam on Cheekbone

*The camera just doesnt do justice to Mr.Bright! Its MUCH MUCH glow-ier in real life

Review Verdict : A+

Price: Rs 2800/- i think (Bought from Kunchals in New Delhi (GK 1 M Block))

Recommendation: Benefit Finding Mr. Bright is totally worth the money you spend on it, and is one of the prettiest highlighting kits iv seen.  This one is soft and natural-Low on shimmer and glitter, but high on glowy , dewy, sheeny natural looking skin- just the way i like my highlighters. If i were to buy these seperately, i would definitely get the  Benefit Girl Meets Pearl Highlighter and possibly Benefit High Beam Highlighter and skip the rest!

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