I’m a peach peach girl in a peach peach world, but sometimes, specially when im wearing indian my cheeks beg for some rosey pinkness and thats when i dig into my stash of pretty pink blushes ! These are 5 blushes i absolutely totally love, and recommend!

1.Mac Dollymix Blush: I love my Dollymix so much that its a little unfair to my other blushes. When im wearing an indian outfit with even a hint of pink in it- i know im going straight to Dollymix. It might look slightly like a cool toned  pink specially with the subtle silver shimmer, and you may think it wont suit your medium.dusky skintone but dont be fooled because when this touches your cheeks it just is the prettiest , rosey, pink, blushing flush! Click the link for review – Mac Dollymix Blush Swatches, Review.

2. Mac Mocha Blush : I would have never thought of buying this one had a Mac Makeup Artist in Dubai not used this on me in my makeover here. I absolutely fell for it hook , line and sinker and dont regret it one bit. Mocha might look dull in the pan but on the cheeks its such a natural dusty pink that noone would even know you are wearing blush!! Definitely one of the best everyday pink blushes i own. (Review yet to come)

3. Mac Fleur Power: A bright, peppy pink with a satin finish- Fleur Power is my pick me up blush. If you want to brighten up your day then make fleur power your friend and you wont regret it ! Click for review-Mac Fleur Power Blush.

4. Lakme Cheek Artist Kiss of a Rose: If you havent got this one yet , then GO GET IT ! This is the best everyday budget blush you can ask for really. Its a cream blush that a neutral pink and gives the prettiest, most subtle earthy and natural pink flush to the cheeks. Its something i always carry with me when im travelling. I know no matter what i wear, Kiss of a rose can handle it. Click link for review-Lakme Kiss of a Rose Cream Blush

5. Colorbar Addictive Magenta Lipstick: I dont use this one as a lipstick, i use this as a blush and i cannot live without it like that really. I find like hot pink and magenta blushes that look scary in pans actually end up giving the prettiest flushes and same is the case with this one. A soft, subtle , walk in the rose garden kind of blush!Click link for more details and FOTD- Colorbar addictive Magenta

What are you favourite pink blushes? I also like Lakme Earth Rose Trio a lot! Anything else you recommend?

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