Minus the strange expression on Bips face in the second photo, i thought she painted quite a pretty picture at a recent outing to promote her newest movie. I am absolutely loving that hair on her-How does their hair stay like that- all swept to one side and curled with a studded hairband. So very Blair Waldorf. While i did not love the gown for her body type (i felt it made her look broad), i think she did look really nice makeup wise? Agree? Disagree? Tell meee!

Bipasha’s Makeup Breakdown..

  • Wear your favourite foundation and powder it.
  • Pick a bright, highlighting eyshadow like Mac Rice Paper all over your lid. Blend it with a warm brown in the crease like Mac Folie.
  • Wing out your eyeliner (Tutorial on winged liner coming soon). On the lower lash line, put a white eyeliner from the inner corner to halfway down the lower rim softly to open up the eye, and then put your regular black liner all over the lower rim. Add a whole lot of false lashes
  • Pick a peachy orange lipstick like Maybelline Color Sensational in Bronze Orange
  • COmplement your lipstick with a blush in the same color family (Golden rule of blush- match it to your lips). This could be something like Faces Cosmetics Burnt Sienna Blush or ┬áMac Gingerly for a more natural look like in the below photograph.

I dont like how that gown accentuates the broadness of her upper body!

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