I thought i was a rather organised bride-zilla. Everything seemed to be in place- sorted. Now, suddenly  a month before the wedding i feel there is this mad scramble and no matter what i do im always two steps behind. How the hell are there a thousand things left to do, when i have been doing a thousand things since the last 6 months !!! Well for starters- i need a place to live. I move out of my cushiony pampered house with a pretty little lawn and into a cute little rented apartment. If i can find a cute little rented apartment that is…as of now, iv just seen little pigeon holes !!!

The Flat Hunting Saga

My weekends these days consist of only apartment hunting, and unfortunately since both our workplaces are at either ends of town (One in Jasola, one in Gurgaon) we need someway midway to stay.  Now I dont want a huge lavish place..i just want a nice medium sized cute little apartment  that i can do up in the way i want to!!!! Either the location sucks, or its already furnished with crappy furnishings, or the damn DDA construction doesnt make sense (Why does DDA always give the attached bathroom to the smaller room??? Are they dumb?) . Im HATTTINNGGGG it and i want to cry (i already did once much to the amusement of the boy who laughed on me), but my mom is not in town and she’s really far away in Canada and i just NEED her to come and help me with these decisions. : ( WAHHHHH. Come back mommy !!!!!

Sangeet practices

When there are a thousand things that you need to spend money on, one thing that really hurts the pocket even more is all these exorbitant Sangeet Choreographers. I toyed with the idea of getting one, and then realises- Sorry, im not willing to pay 30K on simething i can do myself (I used to choreograph a lot in my college days ). But then, i started teaching ‘ the boy’ all these difficult salsa steps and he freaked out and said that we should hire a choreographer so that he can teach him at his level!! So im back to square one. Know of any affordable sangeet choreographers???..anyone basic will do please let me know. Im not paying through my nose for like 2-3 songs of random hip shaking. I am quite excited about our ‘couple dance’ song th0ugh. We are totally not the overly lovey dovey couple, so it was important our song wasn’t sappy and sob-story types too. But  “Tum Mile” seemed like the perfect choice- peppy, fun, with lyrics that we actually identify with!

Thats a pretty Mehendi Lehenga no?

Mehendi Outfits, and Pre-Wedding ‘Ladies Sangeet ‘Outfits

With about a month to go, i only just realised that i hadnt really put any thought as to what i wanted to wear to two really small functions- one is my mehendi which is just a small little family affair with 30 -40 people. The other is this small Ladies Sangeet type function that my moms friend wants to throw for me in about 3 weeks (How sweet of her no?????). She is actually one of my moms oldest friends, i call her maasi, and she wanted to throw an at -home punjabi style ladies sangeet with dholki, songs, fun, and food !!!! Since i didnt want to keep wearing anarkali’s to all these small functions, i asked my talented designer cousins to get something made for me. For my mehendi -i wanted a corset and a skirt, and for the sangeet its one of those jackets with skirts. Lets see, i havent seen any of those outfits till now but i have blind faith that they will be pretty!!! As for Mehendi -Wala’s i am really not fussy. Im not too fond of mehendi, i just want it to look pretty and bride- like and im kind of okay with everything else.

Ideas for Mehendi outfits

  • The Half Lehenga– This is what my sister wore. Its basically like a top and a skirt that come till your knees so your legs are free for the mehendi.
  • The crinkled skirt and corset – This is what im wearing. The crinkled skirt makes it easy for you to lift it for the mehendi on the feet and the corset makes sure your arms are bare too
  • Kurti with 3/4 length churidars : Im not a big fan of the 3/4 length churidar but i recently saw the most amazing asymmetrical kurtas with these 3/4 length churidars which just seemed perfect for a Mehendi function.

A good place to  buy outfits for lesser heavier functions in Delhi

  • Hauz Khaz Village is one of my favourite places to go for lighter outfits. They have a mix of really interesting designers, who can make stuff on order but also have readymade pieces that are not just your regular anarkali’s . I saw the prettiest outfit which was a pink blouse with a flared skirt and a pretty lace jacket on top. If i hadnt spent all my money on all my other outfits, it was definitely something i would have wanted!

Pre-Bridal Research

First of all, let me just say i hate beauty parlous. I just hate spending time there. Women find it relaxing but i find it a sheer waste of time and eneregy and u have no patience for facials and all!!! So Pre-bridals really scare me and iv been doing research on all these pre-bridal treatments and i dont understand why i need to go throuugh six hours of torture! Ugh! But yes, i need to book a parlour for my pre-bridal ‘ Glow’ …that should be next month sometime like 3 days before the wedding. Sigh.

Honeymoon Trousseau!

Whats a honeymoon trousseau you ask? Its a set of items you can parade around in your honeymoon, which you usually wouldnt wear in Delhi. You know- tiny shorts, cute sundresses, bikinis, kaftans, gowns the like?? I have been picking up somethings along the way, but everytime i see something super cute im like “Ill wear this in europe, bt how much will i wear this when i come back?? ” Talking about Europe, the honeymoon is all decided – London, Paris, Interlaken and Zurich is where we are off too and even though all those are terribly cliched destinations i just cannot wait. I cannot wait to get away from this madness and just have french croissant with hot chocolate in a cafe in paris !!! We are actually going to Europe on a budget, so we planned the whole thing ourselves which is another item that is also taking up a lot of my time , but i guess its more fun this way!! So far these are the things i know i HAVE to do:

  • Eat in a Michelin Star Restaurant (Boy”s thing)
  • DISNEYWORLLLDDDDDDDDD in Paris (Totally my thing. If it were up to me i would honeymoon in Orlando Studios)
  • Watch the Lido Show in Paris (My thing)
  • Cruise on the Siene in Paris (My thing)
  • Gamble in a London Casino (Boy’s Thing. I shall just do the slot machine)
  • Party away in Tiger-Tiger and Movida in London (Boy’s Thing)
  • Visit the Nestle Factory in Switzerland ( My thing)
  • Sit in every quaint little European cafe i can find and order scones and Croissants and coffee
  • Visit a vintage store-just to see. They’r to expensive to buy anything anyway!!!

Anything else that are MUST DO’s in the cities iv mentioned? Ofcourse apart from the usual tourist-ey things like the Eiffel Tower or  Madame Tussauds.Anything anyone here REALLY recommends thats off the beaten path..

In other news, one of the disadvantages of having the same shoe size as your mother is that you are so used to depending on her for footwear. Ill admit it, my mom has kick-ass footwear and mine is just boring in comparison …if you were to see our shoe drawers seperately you would think mine belongs to a 60 year olf lady and hers belongs to a 21 year old Party Chick….so now that i cant dip into her stash every second day i need to make sure i have some decent pairs of my own. Basic gold sandal, Basic silver sandal, Basic Black pump, Basic nude pump, lots of ballet flats and i think im sorted!

Youngsters Party Outfits

I was sure i wanted something totally different for my youngsters (party that is thrown by bride and groom only for their friends and cousins so that they can get drunk without the parents around ) , but with time running out i had to just go and grab something that looked semi decent on me. (The boy dropped this bomb on me-”

Boy “Baby the day of the youngsters na, we have to go to the dinner-party type function my family is throwing for the elders also> Well go there before the youngsters for about an hour.!”

Me “WHAT. Why?..what am i supposed to wear for that?????

Boy”Ugh. Stop OBSESSING over clothes. Wear anything who cares”

Me “Grrr. You DO realise that i plan on wearing a nice little dress for my youngsters that will be totally innapropriate to go into your families function with, much less bend and  touch everyone’s feet in. Do you not think of such thingssSSSSS?


Me “I figured. Now what

Boy”Oho, its ok na. You will find something that will work with both functions

Yeah….its so easy for them to say that. So i went in to Forever New and bought a body con white dress. It was the only dress with an appropriate length, and i thought i can cover it up with a nice blazer or lace jacket if i want to during the dinner, and remove it for the after party.Plus i can accessorise it and dress it up or down so im semi-happy.

Phew. Next update after June 2nd-which is when that homely Ladies Sangeet thing happens. Should be able to show you some pictures from that! As of now, im planning my “Bride Entry” on the wedding day. Have i gone mad??? Am i obsessing too much? I think so. But im allowed these things…

OH, BY THE WAY!!!  Please Take a look at this wedding video below. I just happend to find it on the net somewhere and im obsessed with their wedding. Im sure the brides outfits cost more than my entire wedding budget but you knw, fun to see!

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