Day 2 of Cannes 2012 saw Loreal Girl Frieda Pinto in a lime green Versace! I love that color on her,  and in general im partial to lime greens in particular! She really seems to be loving that exaggerated waist style huh, this one too has that outer spacish waist… Loving those nude pumps showing through, but that gown looks so narrow from the bottom – i dont know if its just the picture but how did she manage to walk gracefully in that?? If it were me , i would be walking  like a duck (I anyway walk like a duck in heels that are higher than 3 inches)

This whole L’or Electric thing  from Loreal with the tiny pops of shimmer are really intriguing me. I love how the green on Frieda’s eyes brings out the  brownnes of them!

Other Lóreal Beauties walking down Cannes Carpet 2012 were Jane Fonda and  Innes De La Fressagn. One channeled black and white minimalism, and the other channelled Greek chic. I didnt particularly love either (the chic white gown didnt need those green leaves IMO), But those bracelets  in her hand. WANT!

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