As an obsessed Bride-zilla, its always a good idea to keep some reference shots of Indian bridal makeup you like (In my case, its even more important because iv booked my makeup artist without a trial. I do have a trial with her – but thats just 4 days before the wedding- ahh the perils of an outstation marriage.). Every Makeup Artist has a distinct style so its always helpful to let them know what you expect out of them. For example, even though my lehenga is red and blue im sure i DONT want red lipstick and i DONT want multicolored eyeshadows and i DONT want overly dramatic kathakali dancer eyes. (This has been drilled into my makeup artists brain so much, i think iv made a tiny hole in it!). But what about what i do want…its a lot harder to explain that in words so i shall do it pictures:

Oodles of false lashes, and an eggplant color on the eyes with a natural, glistening lip ensures this Indian Bride looks perfectly put together!! I ADORE this look, the eyes are smokey bu not heavy, and the makeup makes her brown eyes stand out more. The lipstick perfectly complements the outfit too. This look is done by Delhi based bridal makeup artist Chandni Singh


Iv been carrying a picture of this indian bride’s makeup in my wallet wherever i go. Im sure her husband doesnt approve of that but i love the dewy cheeks here, i absolutely love the peachy natural lipstick, and the soft eyes!!! This one is by bridal makeup artist Shalini Singh

Remember the dream wedding video i showed you of Nisha and Jiten’s wedding?? (I dont really know them, i just found thei video online and loved it). I also loved Nisha’s makeup, which was not necessary traditionally bridal but it totally worked!. It was a bright pink lipstick, which contrasted beautifully against her stunning green Tarun Tahiliani blouse, paired with an understated bronze eye!

I dont know if this is Genelia’s actual bridal makeup or some Film shoot, but i love that despite wearing red, she as a bride has on a neutral lipstick with her lehega. I also like that the makeup is really subtle overall but still qualifies as bridal thanks to the gold on the eyes- love that blush too!

I think South Indian Brides look great in smokey eyes. I like how this makeup look has a smokey eye paired with a lip thats not exactly understated, but the overall effect is still not too overdone.

Another south indian bride there ! I dont like the foundation (patchy hello!), but i love the eyes, that gold is just GLOWING! Plus even though there is a tiny bit of red used on the crease, its not like overload of red on the eyes (Something a lot of indian brides tend to do- red red, all over- you would think they were Santa Claus or something. Except they dont come bearing gifts, and they are without a beard( well almost all of them).


If you are a sikh bride with a day wedding, then this extremely subtle bridal makeup look is perfect! I love how the lipstick color blends with the outfit.

Fingers crossed- Makeup artist. Please be good! 

I swear if i see a brush dipped in two contrasting colors coming near my eye im going to be like “Haaaaaaaan Shing SHO” (Me doing a karate move)

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