Kenzo Amour Florale Edt

Guest Review written  by M

Don’t you love those scenes from movies where the heroine stands in the middle of a field of flowers, wearing a long, flowing gown thats fluttering in the wind?(Editors note: I totally do M, i  actually bought a long fluttering gown that i pictured myself wearing in Paris on the Honeymoon ! Ha!)  That is the kind of picture Kenzo Amour Eau de Toilette Florale (phew!) brings to my mind.

Kenzo describes it as: A journey of love, into the scent of Asian flowers. On a cloud of white musks, essence of neroli, frangipani blossom, rosebud and gardenia whisper their solar freshness.

Top notes: neroli, blackcurrant-grapefruit, cardamom

Middle notes: rosebud, frangipani blossom, gardenia

Base notes: white musk, cedarwood

 Kenzo Amour (which means ‘love’ in French, for those who may not be aware) eau de toilette had me at hello, so to say, with its white and pink packaging and silver lettering. The box actually shimmers in sunlight! The bottle is extremely pretty – lithe, graceful, lissome are some of the adjectives I can think of for it. I think I would like to keep it even after the contents are finished.

The fragrance is very fresh and light. To be honest, I don’t know what some of the notes (like neroli) smell like, but I can get a lovely floral scent…perfect for summer. The scent is not overpowering. After an hour or two, I do get a musky, woody kind of scent. I like to spray this on my pulse points and feel all fresh. It lasts pretty long – I can get a whiff of it where I sprayed this even after five or six hours (that is quite good for an eau de toilette if you ask me). I know perfumes react differently on different people but this one works for me and I love it.

Other variants of this are Kenzo Amour L’eau, Kenzo Amour Eau de Parfum, Kenzo Amour Le Parfum and Kenzo Amour Indian Holi (wouldn’t Holi be more about colours than fragrances?), all of them with the same beautiful bottle in different colours [Info from the Kenzo website].

Review Rating: A

Price: This was gifted, but I hunted online and found it costs INR 2,969 (can get it for less on some websites).

Recommendation: I would recommend this to everyone. Even perfume newbies can wear it because of how light ans fresh it is. Go for it if you like floral fragrances…it may just be the start of a new amour for you!

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