Lakme Sun Expert Sun Screen SPF 50 PA+++

If you are wondering what the hell this sunscreen is doing perched precariously on planks of creaking wood, i have an explanation. See, this is what happens in the Sagar household every Saturday morning. A beauty blogger wakes up at 10:00 am hoping to catch some natural light, whips out her camera and clicks all the photos that she needs for the coming week (yes im organised that way!). Weekdays are spent in office, and since my employers will not particularly like me making pouty lip faces while doing lip swatches, all of this is reserved for the weekend. The photography session is wrapped up in about half an hour to an hour depending on the number of products , and all of this happens in our backyard much to the neighbours amusement. (Neighbour if you are reading this- i am not winking at you ok. I am shutting one eye and clicking tutorials) Now obviously, with just a month to go before the wedding the last thing i want is a stubborn tan because of the time spent in the sun, so more often than not i have my sunscreen lying around somewhere handy- like this little nook in a wooden ladder in my backyard .

The new Lakme Sun Expert Sunscreen range is not really ‘new” actually. More like old wine in new bottle. If you remember last year, Lakme launched a Similar Sunscreen which i spoke about here . This is pretty much the same product is a nicer, yellower packaging. So to give you a super short review- i like this sunscreen. I like that it has a high SPF and that it doesnt make  my face shiney. I like that it gives me solid protection without feeling sticky or heavy. It does need some work to blend in, but most ones with high SPF do…and it does leave a slightly whitish cast on your face initially, but overall its a really good sunblock. Perhaos what i like best is that it is relatively light weight as compared to other high SPF sunscreens. While my Neutrogena Dry Touch is still my favourite sunscreen (nothing can beat the protection it provides period), sometimes it can get a bit too heavy during the summer months. This one is nice and light.

It does mention that this is for Normal to Dry skin, but i feel like if you do have very dry skin you would need a moisturizer for sure. This definitely does not moisturize enough for me!

Comparison with Neutrogena Dry Touch SPF 50 Sunscreen
Price: Lakme is more expensive. Neutrogena is 150/- for 30 ml and Lakme is for approx 350/- for 30ml.
Consistency: Lakme is thinner and more lightweight while Neutrogena is thicker and heavier
Blendability: Both need work to blend it in
Sun Protection: Neutrogena gives better sun protection. I saw a cricket match at the WC with 6 hours of sun beating down on my face. I didnt tan even one shade. Lakme gives solid protection too, just not as good as Neutrogena.
Other factors:Neutrogena makes your face slightly shiny after you put it on, Lakme doesn’t do that.
Moisture: Neutrogena is more moisturizing.

Neutrogena or Lakme?
For everyday wear its Lakme since it feels lighter on the skin, but for days when i need foolproof sun protection- nothing can beat Neutrogena!

Review Rating: A-

Price: Rs 350/- for 30 ml
Recommendation: Lakme  Sun Expert SPF50 PA++  sunscreen is a lightweight sunscreen .(I say lightweight given that its SPF will be thicker than an SPF 30 one, but much more lightweight than other SPF 50′s) with high sun protection Like most other high SPF sunscreens, it does require work to blend into your screen or it just sits on top and it initially gives a sort of a whitish cast- but otherwise this is really nice. Its my everyday sunscreen these days- feels light and offers solid protection.
Disclaimer: Product sent by PR. Honest Review. Pinky swear.

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