Mac Gingerly Blush Swatch and Review

Sometimes i feel like i am Raymond’s neglected brother from ‘Everybody loves Raymond’ .  Just rename that show to “Everybody loves the boy” and you have got my life in one line. My own friends like him more than they like me, and for my family he can probably do no wrong and honestly its VERY annoying. Like Hello, please give me some credit- i have a likeable personality too , and he chose me  i chose him remember !! :( . I can now understand what Mac Gingerly Blush might be feeling, because the story of its life is  “Everybody loves Peaches”  and Gingerly is like the less famous  older brother of Mac Peaches (i feel ya Gingerly, i feel ya! *Sniff* ).

Mac Gingerly: The color

If Mac Peaches is a bright, happy peach , then Mac Gingerly is a more sun-kissed, mature peachy brown.  It’s exactly the color of terracotta tiles- warm and sun-kissed and is one of those effortless colors that you can throw on for a natural, peachy flush- perfect for work, and absolutely perfect for adding a bit of warmth to the face. It’s a color that is Mickey Contractor’s  favourite for Indian skin, and that’s what made me pick this up! If you are a dusky girl and want to wear a natural looking warm blush then Mac Gingerly is really great for you, as it is for lighter/medium skin tones for a deeper earthy peach look. Mac Peaches may not show up on skin tones darker than say NC 40, but with this one there is no such problem! In terms of dupes, Colorbar Just Earth is quite close to Mac Gingerly but Just Earth is not as orange.

Sheertones by MAC- The Texture

Gingerly is a sheertone blush, which in MAC Language means that the color needs to be built up . I actually prefer Mac Sheertone blushes to say the matte finish blushes, because while matte finishes are like * BOOM* high pigment in one swipe, it’ s also easy to get clown cheeks with them. In sheertones, you do need to apply and re-apply and layer, but you can control the intensity and pigment you want And don’t let the name fool you, thy are definitely not sheer- just have buildable coverage that you should work with! These blend easily on the skin, and give a solid cheek wear of about 5-6 hours for me.


Mac Gingerly Swatch- Left Unblended, Right Blended

Sorry- no face swatch, will update this post with an FOTD later

Overall Verdict: A

Price Rs 1100/-

Possible Dupes: Colorbar Just Earth is sort of close, but not really a dupe, Gingerly is oranger.

Recommendation: Gingerly by MAC is a pretty peachy brown and one of Mickey Contractors top 10 blushes for Indian skin. Its a great blush for all skin tones – specially  warm indian ones-if you are darker and want an earthy natural blush(Rumour has it this is the blush that Kim Kardashian usually sports), or if you are lighter but want a deeper peach one. It instantly adds warmth to the face and is a color that you may tend to ignore in the MAC store, but once swatched on the cheeks you may just fall in love with it!

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