Mac Mocha Blush Swatches & Review

There are two kinds of people in the world- the Realists and those in Denial. If you withdraw from an ATM and always say ‘No” when asked for a balance receipt then honey you are in Denial (like me- i hate that little slip telling me x amount of money is left in my account. I dont want to know damn machine!)  . These same Denial Category people like me also realise that the new Mac Blush price of 1350/- is absolutely ridiculous (1 Mac Blush = 5 Movie Tickets= 10 KFC Zinger Burgers=5 Maybelline Lipsticks), yet they still live in Denial and continue to buy them. Though i have to admit spending that 1350/- this time was such a  ‘Dil Pe Chot’ ( Heartburn for non hindi speakers) , that after Mac Mocha i think i dont need any more Blushes (Except.. maybe…. Mac Sunbasque?  or Ambering Rose or Margin?)

No.  Mehak. NO. 1350/-. NO. NO. NO. You have a house to decorate. NO.

Mac Mocha Blush- The Color

Sigh. Its really all the fault of the MAC Makeup Artist in Dubai who used Mocha on me on my Mac Makeover and i absolutely fell in love with the natural, earthy flush it gave on my cheeks! Otherwise, i would just pass Mocha without so much as giving a thought to it. I mean, how boring is that in the pan? A muddy, matte plum pink that doesnt even look like it would show up on my skin tone. But show up it does, and gives one of the sweetest flushes- all soft, and earthy and dusty pink..very Everyday pretty. I dont even know why they call it Mocha honestly, its not the color of coffee or anything .It  is a  dusty pink that will look really great on pretty much everyone, except if you are darker than NC 42 then you may want to see whether this shows up on your skin tone. But otherwise if you are looking for a solid everyday blush, then Mocha is your baby!

Mac Matte Finish Blushes

Mac Mocha is a matte blush by MAC, but somehow it doesn’t have the typical characteristics of MAC Matte Blushes. Mocha is a bit less pigmented than regular Mac Mattes which are like full power colour. It also has a bit of a chalky texture in the pan,  and a bit of s hardness to it which means there is not as much *poof*  blush dust as Mattes can have (love saying that- *Poof* *Poof* *Poof*) , but on the cheeks what I love about this is that it melts into the skin. You cant even tell you are wearing powder blush when you wear Mocha- the powder is so fine it just seems to seep into the skin giving you the most smooth,  pretty, healthy pink cheeks. The texture of Mac Mattes are really really smooth, so they blend with ease even with the crappiest of brushes and last a very good mount of time of about 6 hours or so.

Mac Mocha Blush Swatch- Unblended

To see more pictures of the makeover and Mac Mocha used on me go here- Mac Makeover

Review Verdict: A

Price: Rs 1350/-

Recommendation: Mac Mocha is a matte, plummy dusty pink that is one of the nicest everyday blushes by Mac. Dont be fooled by the boring color in the pan or when you swatch it- use it on your cheeks and you will fall in love with the sweet  pink it imparts to your face ! It has a bit of  A hard texture but it is just the easiest damn blush to blend! If you are medium skintone this is great, but darker than NC 42 you might want to test out whether this shows on your skin!

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