Maybelline Colorama Laranja Citrico

Written by Guest Writer Kritika (Medium skin tone, Oily to Combination Skin)

*Knock Knock* 

Who’s there?
Orange who?
Orange you glad you have me?!!! :D

In my head, that’s one knock-knock joke that the Maybelline’s Laranja Citrico seems to be telling me. I believe you guys know that orange happens to be the ‘Pantone 2012 Colour of the year’. Well technically it’s, ‘Tangerine Tango’, but orange falls in the same family right? And Laranja Citrico by Maybelline is just what you need to have an explosion of orange on your nails.

I love love love everything about the colour orange. Its everywhere right from tops to skirts to shoes to bags and everything else in between. I have seen the colour being mentioned a hundred gazillion times on the blogosphere! And no, I haven’t got tired either. And yes, I adore it. I know I know, some of you may shy away from wearing a bold colour like orange, but you really don’t have to put together an entire orange outfit, you can just have it on your nails :D

Now for all you guys who want an absolute orange nail paint under budget, this is the one. This is a bright but a non-blingy orange thanks to no glitter and shimmer. Its fun, it’s zesty, it’s lively.  I love waving my hands in the air for no particular reason when I’m wearing this one, I feel like singing, “But girls, they wanna have fu-un, oh,girls, just wanna have. That’s all they really want…..Some fun….” by Cyndi Lauper when I’m wearing this. It ads zing to your outfit, so even if you are wearing a boring grey top, this makes that fun too!! Sometimes orange nail paints tend to make your hands look darker but this one doesn’t do that. At least not on me, and I’m of a medium skin tone. Actually it’s an uplifting color that adds a natural glow to your skin tone.

Consistency wise, it’s kind of sheer and runny. So even though one coat will do, the color tends to look weird at the top edge, the whites of my nail seem to peep through. So you definitely need two coats. It spreads easily and is fast drying. It starts to chip off the next day only for me. Well, because I use my nails to solve half of the problems in life, from unscrewing difficult bottle caps to chewing them when I’m bored or nervous and god knows what all and that is one reason that most nail paints don’t last for too long on me. But if you are some who is extremely careful with your nails, it’ll last good three four days I believe.

Overall Verdict: B+

Price: Rs.90 for 8ml of Qty

Recommendation: Maybelline Laranja Citrico, a provocative attention getter, is a pocket friendly way to incorporate the on-going orange trend on your nails. Definitely recommend this one.

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