Maybelline Water Shine Liquid Diamond Lip Gloss Swatches, Review

Guest Post by Rima (Light skin tone)
Hello lovely ladies!!!This is my very first blog post and am pretty excited :):)  And Mehak, thanks a ton for this !!! :-D
Well, we all know how much diamonds are every girls best friend…!! And this whole thing about “Water Shine Liquid Diamonds” is so much intriguing.I had actually bought it cuz of this attractive name.

This is what the Maybelline India website has to say about WATERSHINE LIQUID DIAMOND GLOSS.

  • Glosses to give you the voluptuous dazzling lips you’ve always wanted.
  • Hi-shine liquid format for perfectly supple brilliantly shiny lips.
  • Available in 15 glamorous shades.

This lipgloss from Maybelline is one of my very first makeup buys and I definitely do not regret buying  it.

Color: It is a nice mauve pink colored lipgloss with loads of shimmer.It justifies its name “CRYSTAL AMETHYST”!!!I have fair skin tone and the color suits me well but i think It will also suit dusky skin tones. It is semi sheer  and has  medium coverage .I usually need to swipe once or twice to get the color to show up. The best thing about this colour is that it covers up pigmented lips very easily.

Texture:It is sticky and not creamy.I don’t want my lipgloss to be sticky it gives me a very weird feeling :(  Since my lips are dry and this is a sticky gloss,I have to put a layer of lipbalm on my lips and then apply the lipgloss.

Staying Power: This lipgloss has a staying power of maximum 2  hours. The color disappears leaving behind fine shimmers. I guess most Maybelline lip products have a short staying power so this is nothing new.

Application & Packaging: The applicator is easy to use but I don’t know whether its my inefficiency or not, but maybe coz of the shape of the applicator I find it difficult to apply around the edges of my lips. As time passes, a lot of the product gets accumulated near the mouth of the tube  and makes it really messy.Thus some quantity is definitely wasted .Though this has not happened with my tube,many of my friends have faced this problem.Maybelline needs to look after this. The Maybelline Watershine Liquid Diamonds glosses come in small plastic tubes.This makes it easier to carry them. They can fit in small purses.

Availability : As it is one of the best selling products of Maybelline,its widely available in every store.

As I said,I top it over a lipalm most of the tyms, but sometimes when I use it over  my MLBB lipstick it gives a whole new look,the shimmers enhance the colour and make my lips all the more nice.Its overloaded with shimmers,you can see this small chunky,sparkles  clearly just by holding the tube no need to even put a swatch for that.

I can use this lipgloss whenever I am out for some casual occasions,for a special occasion I would prefer a longer lasting lipgloss.Perfect for  college goers who are looking for a lipgloss that  will not empty their pockets

Editors Note: This was one of my first makeup products too, i guess something about being 15 makes you love shimmer! I had one called coral sunset or something like that, but now i much prefer the colorsensational range.If you want to read some reviews on the Maybelline Colorsensational lipglosses then go here- Maybelline Colorsensational Lipgloss

Rating: B

Price: Rs.180/-

Quantity: 3ml

RepurchaseI am right now a sucker for shimmer free lip products…so watershine liquid diamonds is not  in my list now.But  there are  few good shades from this range which I might try later.

Final Recommendation:  
Maybelline stays true to its words,with all that sparkling shimmers it really is a tube of ” liquid diamonds”. The color itself is a lovely mauvish pink and  Its a nice budget product, but could definitely use improvements in texture  and longevity , could also do with a bit more moisture..also would not recommend this to shimmer haters!.

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