Oriflame Triple Core Lipstick Review

Guest Post by Dhara (Medium NC41 skin, Combination skin type)

Is it only me or there’s anyone else who’s wary to buy stuff from ‘only selling through agents’ brands like Oriflame, Avon and Amway due to lack of lip product testers ? I never seem to trust the ‘distributor’ when he/she says this is a very nice product for almost all the products that my eye stops at in the catalogue. Anyways, I am a total sucker for creative stuff in basic make up items. Cute outer case of lipstick, differently shaped perfume bottles, unusually designed blush pans,etc. catch my fancy.This lipstick was bought just for the fact that I could see a lip balm encored into the lipstick bullet and a lip gloss inside the lip balm..cool right ? I was excited since I haven’t used the Chambor and Elle 18 lippies which come with a lip balm core.

Packaging: This fancy looking lipstick is from Oriflame and its called Triple Core Lipstick, reasons quite obvious. This seemed to be the valentine special with all pink and heart theme. It is encased in a black cylindrical case with metallic light pink floral design.

Shade:The shade is ‘Nude Love’. The colour of the lipstick is nude beige without shimmer or glitter. The lip balm is un-tinted and there’s a nude brown lip gloss with fine shimmer, in the core in the shape of a heart. The normal variant has the gloss in round shape. It’s a nice nude for light to medium skin tones.

Texture: This is a very creamy but sheer lipstick and this particular shade is very poorly pigmented. I had to swipe it at least 4 times to make it look opaque and hide my slightly pigmented lips. The lipstick settles in the fine lines within minutes of application, accentuating them on smiling and making them look ghastly. On application, the part of the lip which comes in contact with the lip gloss remains more sheer than the remaining area. But a good smack mixes everything. The shimmer in the gloss gets diffused on application giving the lips a nice shine. This has a sweet berry fragrance which goes away in a few minutes so no harm here. The feeling of this lipstick is a bit heavy on the lips, made me feel conscious of some extra goop on my lips. The lipstick stays on for abt 2.5 hrs and if you eat something, this goes away immediately.

This lipstick is something that you can easily avoid since you can get a far better lipstick from various other brands with the same price tag.

(Editors Note: Is it just me or Nude Love sounds extremely sleazy!!! If lipsticks were humans, this one would definitely have a porn star alter ego!)

Rating : B- or 2.5/5

Price: Rs 525 but i boughtit for Rs 225/- because of some offer

Recommendation: The Oriflame triple core lipstick in nude love is a pretty beigey nude, but extremely sheer on the pigmentation front. It also settles into fine lines, and feels a bit heavy on the lips. I wouldnt repurchase this or recommend this !!!

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