Philosophy Hope in a Jar Moisturizer Review

Guest Review by Vijetha

Hello everyone! It’s my first ever post on Peaches and Blush  and I only want to begin with one of the cult favourites! I’ve been using this moisturizer that has created waves in the beauty scene, some good and some bad. The product I am referring to is Philosophy – Hope in a jar! I have been using this for a month now, read on to see how it fared!

What is Philosophy – hope in a jar?

While the brand Philosophy has many moisturizers to offer, I was particularly curious to try the Philosophy – hope in a jar original formula for all skin types. The brand website says that this particular formula was created for the medical market and recommended by plastic surgeons and dermatologists to hydrate skin.

Hope in a jar promises to deliver a few important skincare aims like,

–          Exfoliation to promote smooth and healthy skin

–          Give skin a healthy glow

–          Protect skin against environmental attacks

I would imagine that you are by now curious to know the ingredients of this moisturizer. There are two things that caught my attention from the pool of ingredients, and they are, xanthan gum and lavender oil. I believe that the ingredients in a cosmetic product should not be understood or judged individually. For ex, Lavender oil is a great hydrant as well as photosensitizing depending on the quantity and combination! It’s the combination of multiple ingredients in different portions that make a product and it is best understood by the experts only! So, let me move on to the usage observations without digging deep into the ingredients. Hope you are not googling on lavender oil and beauty benefits ;)

My observations –

This crème feels like a combination of gel and lotion. It gets absorbed into skin very quickly and doesn’t feel heavy or sticky on skin. You need a very small amount and it spreads very well on skin without leaving any patches. I am not sure of the exfoliating properties but it does keep my skin moisturized. It did not break me out and did not give me any burning sensation. This is going to be my HG moisturizer, and in all probability even after my existing 60ml bottle finishes.

Philosophy – hope in a jar – Pros

–          Love the texture and the way it gets absorbed into my skin

–          I like the fact that it comes in a small bottle that I can carry very easily and will last me for a long time

–          I live in an extremely hot climate and this just works great. On the other hand, I also like it on my skin when my skin is feels dry after staying in an air-conditioned (21 – 24 deg) room for hours. So, it works in both cases for meJ

Philosophy – hope in a jar – Cons

–          Price and availability could be an issue for many. I got my bottle from Sephora, ordered online to an US address.

–          Hope in a jar doesn’t have a drool worthy smell, infact, some women hate the smell. I don’t mind the smell as it doesn’t linger for long anyways.


Review Verdict: A

Price – Approximately INR 2000/

Final Recommendations:  I would completely recommend this product to those looking for a light moisturizer that works on any skin type and any climate.  If price is not an issue, please get hold of this one (perhaps a smaller bottle to try) as it’s definitely worth a try.

(Editors Note: This is such a cult product Vijetha and now you made me want to go out and get one! Sounds fab!)

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