Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner Review

Guest Post by Ashwini (Medium Skin tone, Oily Skin)

An  Easy transition from am to pm makeup  is to  add sparkly or shimmery eye/lip makeup. And since I love such products, my makeup for a night-out should have atleast one such thing. If not eye shadow, atleast a lip gloss (read bourjois 3d effect lipgloss with those mesmerizing sparkles). When there is  no time to do eye makeup , sparkly eye liners are the perfect cheat way to add sparkle !Today I’m gonna review one such liner – the Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner in Blue Twinkle. Stay tuned for more!!!
Revlon Claims :

Elegant, sexy and sophisticated, Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner allows you to emphasize your eyes with precision.
Dries quickly and lasts all day.
Enriched with Vitamin E and Aloe.
Ophthalmologist tested.

‘Twinkle’ are the recent launches of the regular Revlon  Colorstay Liquid Liners of which Black Beauty was a much raved product.   I was on  the lookout for a shimmery eyeliner in blue which would complement a dress i bought for a party and i zeroed in on this on. There were recently launched meatallic eyeliners in Colorbar too for Rs.350 and lakme fantasy shimmer ones for rs.275 but they didn’t have the particular colour I wanted – a vibrant turquoise, light blue… though they are pretty and cheaper than Revlon. This particular Colorstay Liquid liner blue twinkle is aptly named, its turquoise blue and it ‘twinkles’ , it has blue shimmers. The shimmers are subtle and give a nice shine but not like chunky glitters. The applicator is good one  ,with a stiff brush and thus gives good control over lining. Since is the tip is not too sharp, it won’t be useful to draw a very fine line. Since its coloured I like to draw thick lines with it anyway


Pro’s of Revlon Colorstay Blue Twinkle Liquid Liner

  1. Applicator is good, easy to use even for beginners.
  2. Colour is beautiful, unique one I must say.
  3. Good pigmentation.
  4. Dries quickly. Doesn’t smudge and stays put till removed . Great staying power and the colour intensity remains same throughout.

Pro’s of Revlon Colorstay Blue Twinkle Liquid Liner

  1. Rs.575 for 2.5ml is pricey.
  2. Not waterproof. I mean it won’t  wash out with splashes but when I  rubbed with water, it faded and left behind a blue stain which was quite a pain to remove as it was not going with my cleansing milk and then I had to rub in oil.

Rating : A-

Shades availaible:  Regular : black beauty,   Bingo blue, Baked bronze Twinkle (with shimmer):blue twinkle, Silver twinkle, Green twinkle, Black twinkle

Price : rs.575

Recommendation: I bought this solely because the  colour was love-at-first-sight. . If you are someone looking for a super shiny coloured liner where the colour intensity won’t fade with time ,check the Revlon Colorstay Twinkle liner ranges at the counter.  I love the ease of application , though i have to say drawing a thin line with this is difficult and  the great staying power . I’m contemplating on buying the silver one in this, what’s your take?  do you have suggestion for silver liquid liner which you have used?

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