Streetwear Eyeliner Review in Black

Guest Post written by CSP Ballal  ( Light Skin tone, Normal to Dry Skin)

I did not intend to buy this Streetwear  eyeliner in black, but it so happened that i  had gone in search of  an eyeliner and the SA at the counter suggested this eyeliner claiming that this is one of the best long lasting eyeliner. ‘Street Wear Eyeliner is indeed one of the long lasting eyeliner without any chipping, fading, and breaking so the SA did know her facts!.

Pigmentation & Texture :The streetwear eyeliner is extremely black  and has a little shine in itself. No shimmers, but a nice sheen! This liners gives a very dark outline making the eyes look very attractive ! The texture of this liquid eyeliner is a little thick if you compare it to other liquid eyeliners.

That is why only one swipe is sufficient to give you a dark line- you wont have watery/ runny-ness issues with this one..

Application & Packaging: The package of this eyeliner is a long tube like bottle. The applicator is  a bit different- not only does it have bristles but its extremely long. The bristles are very few ,thin and soft which make it easy to draw the thinnest line on your lash line. The handle that holds the bristles is very long that matches the package tube. I have not seen any eyeliner with such long applicator handle. Beginners with eyeliner will have very tough time with this eyeliner because of the long handle. If you have been using liquid eyeliner for ages then this is a worth trying eyeliner. Gives a very dark outline making the eyes very attractive.

Longevity: This streetwear eyeliner  does not take the name of leaving your eyes. You try to wash it off, it leaves you a good dark panda eye. Oil is a must to remove this eyeliner and even that is sometimes not sufficient to take this off. This for me is a major drawback,  Otherwise, Street Wear Eyeliner may  have been my all time-all season favorite liner.



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Review Verdict : A-
Price: Rs.185 for 8 ml
Recommendation: If you are a seasoned liquid liner junkie, you will  enjoy the streetwear  liquid liner. It delivers rich color in one swipe and lasts long. But its a tad uncomfortable to apply for beginners and its a very big pain to remove!

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