The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector Cream Review

Guest Post by Prerna  (Light to Medium Skin tone & Dry Skin)

Body Shop Claims “End rough, dry hands with help from an intensive cream that locks-in moisture with a fresh, herbal scent  perfect for over-washed hands. Best for: dry to extremely dry skin..”

 While looking for a nice and effective hand cream for mom I stumbled upon the  Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector cream’s reviews online which seemed great and the company’s claims “It alleviates redness, itching and cracking with a water-resistant coating that does not come off during washing, making it a favourite with people in professions with over-washed or over-worked hands and feet” – sounded perfect! I dashed into the store and immediately bought the cream (dint even bothering to smell or test it), thought it would be perfect the solution and I would be the hero (-ine) – saviour – yay!!.

But NO..Mom preferred to use it only before bed, I wondered why. Then I tried it and EWW.the smell..I don’t know how to describe it exactly (maybe medicinal + chemical + god knows what = awful) and it lingers on for a long time. I would have still tolerated had it given the miraculous results and delivered the claims it promises but it does not. Each time I wash my hands I feel that the cream is coming off making my hands slippery (and now I know why mom doesn’t use before doing her daily chores – how can she possibly cook etc while this cream is getting into the food – eeks!) and this means obviously the miniaturisation is not going from deep within and I really doubt if this will have any long term benefits. Also, it says it is for dry to very dry skin – doubt that. I feel it might still be better suited for normal to dry.

It is little thick and greasy and definitely does impart some moisture of course. But since it seems to come off with water (unless left on for quite some time) I suggest you use it before bed or if you are not going to be in contact with water at regular intervals, like desk job etc. The only thing I like about it is that it sinks into the skin pretty quick and makes it atleast momentarily supple but then I wonder which decent moisturiser can’t do that?!

I know mom does not enjoy using the cream but says nothing probably because I got it L. As for me, good ol’ blue nivea in is the best thing I have come across so far for all the dry skin problems be it for face hands body, that’s my saviour :p

(Editors Note: To find out my favourite hand creams go here: Lóccitane Hand Creams)

Rating: B-  / C

Price: Rs 515/- for 100ml

Recommendation: Quite a few seem to love the Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector and do not mind the smell either but I strongly suggest you sniff at well at the store and maybe roam around a bit with the smell before making a purchase. It might just work for you! But for me the smell, the false claim of not getting washed off with water with the temporary moisture it provides, it was a complete disappointment for me.

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