May 2012. Just a little over a month to go for D- Day and possibly the busiest iv ever been in my life (If you see lack of posts written by me please understand that im either hunting for apartments, or shopping for furniture, or doing last minute things). By the way – congratulations to me, i found a nice flat!! Yayiee! SO excited to do it up in my own way. I dont care what the boy is saying- there are going to be glittery cushions in the drawing room (he just doesnt understand cushions by the way- he says they waste space, and they just sit on our sofas without any use. DUMB.) . I am going to make my drawing area turquoise and beige- with gold accents. Colors of the sea, you see! While i go and draw up some other ideas for the living room (most of which i post here) , here are some other lust-worthy items !!!

  1. Ruffled cream dress: Very prom-queen esque, but i love it. I would love to wear something like that for my youngsters except the boy hates ruffles, he hates floral prints, he hates glitter. Hmm…keeping that aside, adore the ruffles
  2. The perfect pink glitter nail polish: I have no idea what polish this is unfortunately but,…I die !!!! I NEEEED that nail polish . Please makeup god, help me find one like that!
  3. Mint Green Net Saree!!: I want NOW ! I saw the prettiest mint green at ‘CHarming ‘in Ambience Mall Gurgaon the other day, but i refrained myself because i already own more sarees than i can ever hope to wear!
  4. Because the perfect dress, needs perfect shoes :  If  i could wear heels, and i could have  magical way of figuring out where those shoes were from, id buy them in a heartbeat. Glitter + florals+ lace in one shoe?? Are you kidding me
  5. Mac Impassioned Lipglass: I CANNOT wait for the Mac Lips and Tips Collection to be out soon!!! The Impassioned lipglass is perfect for people like me, who are slightly afraid by the neon-ness of impassioned and want a sheerer way of wearing it!

Those are all the pretty things for today, Until then toodles!! * Air kiss*

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