Toni & Guy Frizz Smoothening Curl Shampoo

Guest Review written by Prerna

What the TIGI claims:

Achieve salon status style with the right product and tools from Toni & Guy.  Toni & Guy Frizz Smoothing Curl Shampoo- this rich shampoo helps tame frizz for smoother curls. It will give your naturally curly hair or style-curled hair a glossy sheen. It promotes a healthier glossier look by smoothing the hair shaft. Hydrates, softens and eliminates tangle and static. For dry and frizzy hair.”

My hair type  :  Is dry, slightly frizzy and wavy

You know what the curly frizzy hair girls are always looking for? Some miracle products to transform them into the movie star curls like those of anushka sharma’s, jacquline, deepika. Man how do they manage to get have some awesome hair? Not fair! (Editors Note:  Extensions, Stylists and a whole lot of money dah-ling ;) )

So during one such desperate search I stumbled upon this product and reading the claims i thought – “Wow – this is just what my hair needs”  Turns out so NOT!

First of all it smells horrible. Can’t really describe how it smells – something medicinal plus sweetish and but just do not like it. Would not mind it had it lived upto the claims of taming frizzy curls and providing glossy sheen etc. Maximum what it does I think is gives a little definition to my curls but that any shampoo can do I think, why pay so much more for this? It is also loaded with all chemicals but still does not lather well or cleanse the oil out easily. Why?? It just made my hair dry and frizzy and definitely not hydrated. I think it might suit oily hair better and is definitely not for the dry haired girls. It dint really cause extra hair fall as such but not a good enough reason for me to go and try it out.Glad I got the mini bottle. I admit I kind of liked the packaging you know small and cute


P.S.  my description of the results is after testing it on hair without oiling or conditioning it to give you guys a better idea

Rating: C

Price:  Rs.  200  for 75 ml
Recommendation:  This Toni and Guy Frizz Smoothening Curl Shampoo did not meet my expectations at all. And especially at this range of price, you can find so many better ones. If at all you are too tempted to try just get the small bottle first and you can see if it works for you. For me it was a definitely a disappointment.
(Editors Note: Damn it !. This sounded so promising Prerna. Guess ill have to stick to my L’oreal Vitamino Color for now!)

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