1. How to Apply Foundation:

Iv seen girls buy the most expensive foundation on the market , slap it on their face with wide, thick strokes of their hand and then complain why it isnt doing any good. Here are my tips for applying foundation

  • Use very small, short strokes and spend as much time as possible. Focus on one small area, complete that move to the next. Big, wide strokes from you cheek to your chin – like you are painting a wall is a total no no. If you ever go and get a trial from a good makeup artist- notice just how much time they spend, getting into nooks and corner, covering yr face in small short strokes and being patient.
  • Apply it in thin layers, building it up one  at a time : Thin, sheer layers are always better than thick, heavy ones. Letting your natural skin breathe through is important and it gives you an idea of how much foundation you need
  • Not every part of your face requires the same amount of foundation: Most of us are darker around the mouth area, with relatively spot free cheeks. You might want to spend more time concealing the darkness first, and going over that area with more foundation,, and keeping the coverage on your cheeks very runny and light
  • Always keep your strokes from top to bottom direction. This is something Vimi Joshi taught me, that if you go in any other direction, you are going the opposite direction of hair growth, causing your hair to stand up and make your skin look uneven
  • Please put foundation on your neck. Pretty Please.
2. How to Conceal Under Eye Circles
  • The idea behind concealing your eyes (something, I learnt from Lisa Elridge) is to apply concealer ONLY where it is dark.
  • To make this clearer, here is a quick tutorial i did on : How to Apply Concealer to Under Eye Circles

2. How to fake the J Lo Glow

You are a bride, you NEED to glow . People just NEED to think that the happiness is making you glow, but actually its just highlighter. Dont tell them that though!

3.  How to make your skin talk

You can get away with zero makeup, if you have gorgeous skin. So make sure you do your research about what products work for me. Well moisturized, plump skin with just liner and lipstick is probably more pretty than anything any foundation will achieved

  • Increase your water intake manifold 3 months before the wedding. Drink atleast one BIG glass every hour.
  • Make sure you have sunscreeen on no matter where you are- its not about whether there is sun outside or not. It doesnt matter. You need sunscreen all the time.
  • Have a small in home facial routine- Mine involves steam, black head removal, splashing face with cold water ,massaging with a cleanser, and a freeman face mask.
  • Do NOT sleep with makeup on. The smartest thing you can do, is either invest in a solid makeup remover, or personally i just use my Forest Essentials Sesame Oil as a makeup remover+ night cream in one. But remember as a bride you will be wearing solid makeup every night, and if you dont remove it properly you will very likely have raccoon eyes.

4. How to do a pretty basic eye : 

The eyeshadow

  • If you really are just not getting how to do your eyes- then this is a cheat method that i like to use: Cheat Method for eyeshadow . It doesnt get easier than that- 2 contrasting bases, one single eyeshadow.
  • A basic, pretty eye is simple. It just needs  a sheen on the lid, and an eyeliner. You can skip all the crease color, the outer corner etc if you arent comfortable
  • Invest in 1-2 pretty eyeshadow colors that work well with Indian Clothing. Something neutral and gold like Mac Wood Winked, Mac Expensive Pink. In fact, here are 6 great  eyeshadow colors for indian formal wear from Mac: Mac eyeshadow Swatches
  • You could also, just buy a glittery paint pot like Mac Genuine Treasure and a black liner over it. Simple. Classy. Effective.
The Eyeliner
  • Eyeliners should really thinnest at the inner corner of the eye, and  thickest either at the outer corner (if you like a slight bit of a cat eye effect), or thickest at the centre with the outer corner swept out (for a wide eyed effect)
The Lashes
  • You MUST, and i mean MUST with a capital M , invest in an eyelash curler. MUST. It makes a world of a difference to how your mascara looks and gives that whole fluttering wide eyed effect that just elevates your look,
  • If you can really master the art of wearing false lashes then i highly recommend you learn how to. False lashes that give that extra oomph that a regular mascara doesnt!


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