I was never a brown eyeliner girl until i discovered these beauties. I think my love affair started with Mac Teddy Eye Kohl and there has been no looking back ever since. My favourite way to wear Brown Eyeliner in fact is to wear a liquid black liner underneath and then layer a shimmery light brown one on top. I dont know why it works, but it just makes my eyes pop!!!

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1. Maybelline Swirl Gel Liner in Brown and Gold: The latest one to enter the market, this one gives you the option to combine a shimmery gold with a flat brown . Even if you dont love it, just buy it for the look of it. Pretty gold and brown swirls in a jar

2. Faces Metal Brown Eyeliner: A gorgeous, metallic deep brown

3. Chambor Brown Dazzle Eyeliner: Possibly one of my most favourite brown eyeliners. Shimmery, medium brown eyeliner thats perfect to bring out the brown-ness of your eyes and add a little spark to your eye!

4. Loreal Paris Brown Gel Liner: This one is a rather boring, deep brown but the reason it made it to this list is because the texture is just Ah-mazing ! Definitely one of the best formula for gel liners

5. Mac Teddy Eye Kohl: Gorgeousness in a stick this one. The Chambor Brown Dazzle is actually a dupe for this, but i love my teddy none the less.

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