Ex-Hausting but fun! Thats how i can sum up my life in 3 words. But if you would like to know how really an Indian Beauty Blogger who also has a full time job and a wedding to plan manages her time , then here goes. (FYI- Im still going to work  even though D Day is about 10 days away..though tommorow is my last day and i join back in a month!)

A regular Weekday in my life

8:30 am:

Wake up time !!!! You snooze you lose honey. Okay so i do snooze it for about 5 minutes but 8:45 im up and about

8:30 to 9:00 am:

First thing to do when you wake up- Check the Blackberry and Eat Breakfast ! As a multi tasking beauty blogger, you soon realise that this blackerry  is your new best friend. It keeps you updated, it helps you stay connected and (unfortunately) it kind of takes over your whole life. So yes. Check that white blackberry of yours . Check for:

  • Reader Emails that you can quickly respond to ( I need to reply ASAP because otherwise they get lost under the piles and piles of mails i get everyday)
  • PR Launches that you can post : If i start telling you just how many Press Notes i recieve in a day you will think im lying. I dont even know why they send me Press notes about Tendulkars centuries, or about the newest kind of ‘plywood’ available in the market. So i need to siftt through all of that to find something i can actually post about

9:00 am – 10:00 am

Edit a guest writer article, crop the photos, try and spell check it quickly and POST POST POST !!!!! Also, write my  own article for which the pictures have been clicked over the weekend (I like clicking my pictures in natural light, and i only get time on weekends so saturday and sunday mornings are photo clicking times- much to the amusement of my neighbour )

10:00 am – 10:30 am

Get ready to go for work. Im a quick dresser. Really- pull out my pants, my shirt, dab on lipstick, eyeliner. Done. Get Set Go. Got to put your corporate Game Face on girl!

11:00 am to 7:00 pm

  • Reach Work-Pretend to be super smart. Use excel sheets, make powerpoint presentations, talk about the company financials . Try and look smart when a senior says something. Do vlookups, filters, pivot tables (new best friend along with black berry- Excel sheet pivot tables) , use SAS , write codes.
  • Speak to Boy, ask him whats up. Discuss friends arriving for wedding. Who needs a pickup, who is staying where. Who is coming for what function? Discuss Honeymoon, dream about honeymoon, research honeymoon, dream more about honeymoon.
  • Run econometric Regressions. Pretend to Look Smart. Check Blog in Between for new comments, approve and reply to comments if possible -all the while pretending to look smart. Send e-mails, attend meeting, give trainings , make econometric models
  • Keep Checking the Blackberry. I have 3 email addresses to check- the blog email, the email which the guest writers write to, and the personal email.
  • Check Twitter account in between since facebook is blocked


7:30 to 8:00 pm

Reach Home. Talk to Mom about Wedding stuff. Argue about it. Fight with her, eat dinner and make up over it.

Try and convince her i dont need yet another accessory on my hand, nose, foot or mouth for d day. Roll eyes when she says “You need to start putting besan and haldi everyday now” or “Yv lost too much weight, we need to fatten you up”. Convince her that you will look pretty and so will she  (No mom, you dont look fat in that sari!) . Re-assure her that no, nothing is left for D-day!

Eat dinner while doing all this. Chill a little bit, or try to chill.Chilling for me means browsing blogs, writing.

8:30 to 10:30

  • Write up a post and schedule it. Yr going to be off from the blog for a good 3 weeks what will those readers read?????? So Guest writers-the reason im not posting too many of your posts immediately is because i need to stock up and post things when im Honeymooning in Paris.
  • In the middle, book some train tickets fromParis to Interlaken and/or London to Paris. Google -Top things you need to do in Paris.
  • Make an excel sheet of guests coming and hotel arrangements so you can stay organised
  • Respond to PR Requests, politely decline the Bloggers Meet Invitation (I have NO time during the weekdays and weekends is all Wedding related things happening)

10:30 to 11:30 pm : 

Speak to Boy and/or some friend. Make plans for meeting. Discuss the new house, what furniture needs to bought about it. Argue over whether you need a 4 seater or 6 seater dining table. Huff and Puff then calm down.

Check blog for new comments that you can reply too.

11:30 pm :

Try and catch up with some sit-com. Pretty Little Liarssss. Shiver. Get Scared! Off to S;eep now! Check blog one last time before saying good night,

In the middle of all of this, im also the dance choreographer for my wedding so i need to teach my friends . I just packed my honeymoon suitcase and couriered it to Hyderabad (Courier man if you so much as flick one underwear from that suitcase, i swear i shall come and wring your neck!!!).   I also just realised in the middle of the madness i forgot to give a card to one of my closest friends! Smack! Its getting a bit too much to handle now honestly, so this weekend me and my sister are off to a well deserved SPA at a hotel ! Sigh. I NEED it!! A facial, a spa, a hair cut, some pampering  and the last day of work for a month tommmorow ! WoohooooooO!!!!

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