They say , the twenties are all about prevention, and while im not a big fan of loading my face with dozens of products, i also dont think its a smart idea to just let it be and leave it to god. God invented wrinkles too remember, and we dont like them do we? So here are some simple steps that i do in my regular skin care routine that i feel are simple, preventiv measures that might make you thank yourself in your forties.

  • Use Sunscreen everyday without fail : Its not about whether its a cloudy day or a sunny day, whether you get tanned or you dont. You MUST make sunscreen a part of your life. Sun damage causes discoloration and dark spots. If you look at your mothers, notice how the skin around their mouth and other areas are darker than the rest? All of that is because of no attention paid to sun damage, so please embrace Sunscreen and use one with both high UVA and UVB rays. While one protects you against sun burns, the other against tanning and deep skin damage. Its just not enough that you get a high SPF , its also about which spectrum of rays the Sunscreen provides you protection against. Would you be interested in an indepth article about sunscreens, SPF and the like? I might have some valuable information that is very useful in helping you choose your sunscreen. Let me know!
I recommend: Lakme Sun Expert SPF 50 PA +++ (If you havent tried this, you should. Its the only Lakme sunscreen i really like) , Neutrogena Dry Touch SPF 50
  • Start using a  Good Night Cream / Face Oil: Your skin is much more receptive to moisture and creams at night than during the day, and we all know dry skin ages faster than oily skin. Dryness is the number one symptom of ageing. As we grow older, our skin loses its natural oils ad becomes dry and lifeless. Using a night cream is very important because our skin is much more receptive at night, than duing the day. It doesnt even need to be an anti ageing night cream, just make sure its a good moisturizing one and makes your skin supple when you wake up. I personally use the Forest Essential Sesame Oil, which i love.
I recommend: Ponds Gold Radiance Night Cream, Shiseido Night Cream( LOVE THIS) Neutrogena Light Night Cream, Facial Oils
  •  Eating healthier, Drinking more water, No  Smoking (I never really smoked, but those of you who do- Quit it): Obviously not just because of anti ageing concerns but because all the other health hazards that come along side it. But seriously, put down that cigarette, it causes your skin to become sallow and dull . This is something you dont even need to wait till your thirties to see, just see your pictures after five years and notice how your skin will change.
  • Always Remove the last dredge of makeup before you sleep: People say that wearing a lot of makeup makes you age faster. But really, its the incorrect removal of makeup that makes you age. So no matter how tired you are, remove that last dredge of makeup!
I recommend: Baby Oil, Chambor Eye and Lip Makeup Remover, Mac Makeup Remover (The Purple Bottle-swear by that!) , Maybelline Eye and Lip.
  • Sleep on a Silk Pillowcase, and Dont excessively touch your face : Kate Winslet and Reese Witherspoon apparently swear by sleeping on a silk pillowcase. The funda is that cotton contains all those fibres that pull and tug against your skin that silk does not. Moreover silk is also supposed to be great to sleep on if you have dry and brittle hair, because  silk is woven closer together than cotton, so your hair doesnt get caught up causing breakage.  Also, leaving your face alone without excessive touching  , pulling, tugging , squeezing is

Personally i also use an eye cream. Its not an anti ageing eye cream, but i noticed that the area around  my eye is much more dry than the rest so i invested in the Kiehls Under Eye Avocado Cream.  I gues its also about identifying what your problem areas are.

What skincare steps are you taking?

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