Biotique Cucumber Water Face Freshener 

Guest Review by CSP Ballal (Light skin ton , Dry Skin)

Claims about Biotique Cucumber Water Face Freshener Bio Cucumber:

A very effective cooling antiseptic containing Coriander, Nutgall, Cucumber and Burberry. Also contains Peppermint oil. Helps tighten pores.

To use: After cleansing, moisten a piece of cotton with freshener. Apply over face and neck. Follow with moisturizer.

Skin Type: All types especially oily & acne prone.

My take on Biotique Cucumber Water Face Freshener Bio Cucumber:

The Cucumber water is a thin watery, green liquid that you would think is simply green water had it not been for the odour. The toner resembles liquid cucumber , as the name suggests though it doesn’t smell of cucumber ( I wish it did!) . The product acts as a toner – its supposed to refresh your skin and tighten pores.  For me, the effect of applying Bio Cucumber to face is as same as splashing cold water to your face with some added benefits.  My Skin feels refreshed  without feeling too tight like some toners can make it, and this is a welcome cooling relief in this ultra hot summer months. There is no sticky or shiny feel after this face freshener dries on my face which is another plus . Moreover, I had purchased this product when my skin was very troubled some months ago. The product controlled the  out breaks to some extent and I saw the eruptions flatten out a bit after I used this toner on them.

 I do want to point out that the smell is not great. It is very unpleasant to me and I can imagine that not all will like the smell of this freshener. I somehow managed the smell for I observed it was working on my troubled skin. Else I would have discarded the bottle. And the strange part is it has a pretty long shelf life which makes me a bit suspicious.. How can an all herbal ingredients product stay fit for usage for over years!!! There has to be some preservative or alcohol to store the product. What say!!!??


Rating: B+

Price: Rs. 135 for 120 ml

Recommendation: If you can stand the strange Ayurvedic recipe smell in this Biotique Cucumber Water, then this product is definitely worth a shot. It is affordable and effective  – acting as a face freshener and toner! This should suit all skin types, it mentions specifically oily and acne prone but it suits my dry skin just as well.


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