No Punjabi Wedding is complete without a traditional, home -style ‘Ladies Sangeet’. So while all the festivites start in Hyderabad from 20th onwards, one of my mom’s close friends (I’m talking the kinds that you call ‘Maasi’ and no ‘Aunty’)  wanted to throw me a traditional Punjabi ladies sangeet in Delhi.  It was just a close knit, homely thing, but you know- noone in my family will ever give up an excuse to dress up so im pretty sure when she opened the door of her house to welcome us she would have been slightly blinded by bling !! If you are non- punjabi and wonder what happens in these Ladies Sangeets, these basically involve a dholki, a spoon and lots of punjabi folk songs which poke fun at the groom and his family shamelessly.My grooms family is not really punjabi, so they wont even understand what we sing about them , which is a shame, but im sure ill translate it to them one day!

Thats the orange and pink lehenga i wore. I was totally over dressed- but you know, when you are the bride, everything is excused.

Lehenga bought from : Bellezzaa by Aanchal Dhall (My cousin)

PS: I did pull that rubber band off my wrist and wear some bangles, and green kundan earrings but i dont have photos with those on.

Heres the makeup i wore with my pink and orange lehenga (You probably wont be able to see it in the pics)\

  • Kryolan Foundation
  • Mac Viva Glam Cyndi Lipstick
  • Mac Dollymix Blush
  • Mac Expensive Pink +Folie on eyes


The dholki and the spoon! Yayy!! Fun!!

Maasi#1 is whose house it was (Thank you gunna maasi!!!…. PS: I know you are fiercely private, so if you dont want this photo up then tell me i shall remove it !!. Everyone else in the family who loves the attention and is wondering why their photo is not up- check facebook !!:p )

So yesterday was the kick off of the festivites and now theres a bit of a lull for fifteen days . I recently had my first conversation with a maid by the way . It was the silliest conversation i have ever had – Me trying to bargain saying “Hum dono hee ai, koi bacche bhi nahi hai, baccho ka door door tak plan bhi nahi hai ‘and she trying to say “Madame aap meri pet pe laat mar rahi ho “.

In other news, there is also a trip to kinari bazaar planned again to  buy some last minute items (Gift trays, ring holders, decoration for Mehendi in Hyderabad). Apart from that there is mostly shifting, moving, and buying furniture left along with some detailed honeymoon plans since our visas have arrived (Apparently the Swiss embassy thinks im some terrorist or something- they freaking issued me a visa only for 7 days, while they issued it to the boy for 3 months. What the hell????? ) Dance practices are in full swing too and yours truly is the choreographer (We just finished chikni chameli practice) . Im actually happy im the choreographer because even though i wont be dancing on these songs on stage, atleast u get to have fun being cheap while teaching my sisters Ha!


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