And there are a LOT of bags. At least 2 bags are full of some sort of packaging material (Ask the mother- apparently we need gift trays for EVERYTHING. Who knew) . But anyway, my flight takes off  tommorow morning so i shall be in the city of Biryani by about 12  noon on 20th June!!! I have one last day today to tie up all loose ends!

Pre Bridal Beauty Ritual

The Mother went all out yesterdat and almost pinned me down to ensure she did her pre- bridal beauty ritual for me.This is what she did:

  • Put tomato on me to remove tan
  • Mixed Milk with Whole grain bread and scrubbed all of my body with it (This made my skin SO soft)
  • Mixed Haldi and Besan and Nimbu and Curd and made a paste of it, let it dry on me and scrubbed it off (This made me glow!)

After she was sufficiently pleased, i headed to the parlour for some deforestation and my favourite Casmara Facial. Seriously, if your parlour has a ‘Casmara Facial’ then please go do it, its amazing. They put this black gel film on you, and once they remove it you think ‘Whats the big deal??’. But you wake up the next morning to fabulously glowing skin. Im not even a facial person – i think iv had a grand total of 3 done in my life, but i love this one.


Last Day Before Heading to Hyd: Spa, Girl Time, and a Crazy Sister

My cute little sister is taking me to the Spa at the Leela today. We are doing steam /sauna and then spa there followed by a lunch and some shopping. Perfect way to spend the day with the sister before a the craziness of Hyderabad begins !!!

Oh , talking about the sister- she is certified crazy. Yesterday i went to her room, and saw her diligently and seriously writing something down in a little black book. I didn’t disturb her, thinking she’s quite busy and tip toed around just to find this is what she was writing:

LOL. FOr those of you who didnt get it, she was making freaking notes of each makeup item she is going to use for each function . So For 23 rd its Mulch on crease with Honey Pot ,  Woodwinked with blah blah blah! Gosh! Now you know, both of us are beauty obsessed!

Practices, Oh. Practices

Dance Practices are all wrapped up by the way and we have our 18 minute medley in place. My favourite song? My mom and dads dance on Laung da lishkara ! Theyr so cute, have you realised all parents in their seventies love to just do one step- the twist? They just keep twisting no matter what the song!!!!

APart from that Dance Practices have been a humongous coordination exercise. There have  been practices in Delhi which have been choreographed by me, practices in Ludhiana for all the cousins who are there, practices by mom and dad  by my schools dance teacher and practices for me and boy by a choreographer. It’s all been quite crazy!

PS: Ishita and Avika if you are reading this- go and practice that damn song or i will take out my teacher whip again!!!

Mehendi Outfits. 

My mehendi outfit came today and i hadn’t even seen it before this. Mehendi is actually a very small homely function so there’s nothing to heavy for it. Another cousin of mine (Not the Bellezaa one), this is another one designed this for me after i ideated with her about  a corset and skirt. I gave my phulkari dupatta and she made a corset out of it and gave me a matching skirt!

Lingerie Shopping

La Senza is on sale by the way- their semi annual blow out so went and SPLURGED there ! Bought a lot of stuff, and it was an extremely wierd experience because my mother was with me and she kept making totally embarrassing comments that made me turn red. Lol. But fun !

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