Bvlgari – Rose Essentielle – L’Eau de Toilette Rosee

Guest Review by Kritika

Imagine walking through a French-style garden surrounding a grand castle on a clear spring day and you see the prettiest woman there ever could be taking a stroll across the garden, her soft curls tucked away in a chic chignon and an Hermès scarf wrapped around her neck, her dreamy eyes staring off into the distance while her fingers toy with the petals of a gorgeous rose.  The wind blows past you, bringing with it a fresh, dewey, and luminous scent of rose, vanilla, blackberries and violet leaves.

Bvlgari Says: Rose Essentielle perfectly embodies the glamour and refinement of Bulgari fine jewellery paying a tribute to the most refined rose notes: Rose Ottoman and Rose Prélude. The pure and architectural “decolleté” shaped bottle, ideally interprets the fragrance’s sensuality.

Rose Essentielle (Essential Rose) was created in 2005 by perfumer Béatrice Piquet. It along with ‘Pour Femme’ is a part of the Bvlgari Classics Line. It includes top notes of Ottoman Rose and Prelude Rose. The heart includes notes of blackberry, violet leaves, living mimosa, and jasmine sambac. Base notes are patchouli, gaïac wood, and sandalwood. It is described by Bulgari as a floral rose chypre. Wikipedia tells me, chypre is the name of a family (or concept) of perfumes that are characterised by an accord composed of citrus top-notes, a floral middle, and a mossy-animalic base-note derived from oak moss and musks. Chypre perfumes may be modified by other notes such as patchouli (most often), vetiver, labdanum, ambergris and sandalwood oil.

The bottle is simple and what makes it so pretty is the combination of pink and gold. As you can see the cap is missing, it because I lost it during a trip. It was of a very pretty golden color with a pink circle on top*sob*. It took me more or less six months of wearing this fragrance on and off before I became comfortable with this. It’s one of those scents that actually take a while before you get used to them. I don’t even know why I bought this, something just drew me towards it and I’m glad I did. The name might suggest that it is one of those conventional rose fragrances that are too treated and too powdery. But no, it does not smell old-fashioned or ancient or too perfumey. Please bear with me, its very hard to describe this fragrance.

When I started using it, I thought it made me smell like old grandmas and boy I was wrong. It’s definitely a fragrance for grown-ups, don’t get me wrong, I’m a 20 something and I wear this a lot but it’s not something you’ll wear when you are hitting the club. Its mature yet innocent, its sophisticated yet the illusion of peaches hiding somewhere in it makes it playful. There is a great balance to the scent. It’s something you’ll wear for special occasions, a first date perhaps, honeymoon in Paris, walk in the vineyard, romantic drive along the countryside..This scent is what describes elegance, grace and beauty. It’s definitely not a sexy or inviting fragrance but it will make you feel confident and strong yet making you feel delicate and feminine.

Now I’m no expert on picking up on notes so I’ll try my best here. I don’t like taking a sniff of this immediately after I spray it on because there is an explosion of fruity and flowery accents. It has three very definite and characteristic notes and the scent alters on the skin with time. I let it calm down because it’s the second stage that I love. I can smell vanilla, blackberry and some citrusy fruity scent and I might be wrong here, but it feels like a faint scent of peaches to me. After a while it all becomes very exquisite, elegant and classy. It also gets very complicated after a while. You can feel a woody and musky presence now. The rose in it is very hidden and isolated, it’s probably because it’s an EDT, it might be more prominent in the EDP. The scent doesn’t last too long, lasts for about 4 hours on me and then fades away. Bummer !

 In summary then, this is what i have to say about Bvlgari Rose Essentielle 

—     If you want to invest in a fragrance that you can pull out on special occasions, you should give this a try.

—     If you want something for every day, you can still see if this works for you or not.

—     If you want this to be your first perfume, I suggest you try out a few more because this can take some getting used to.

—     If you want to make a statement or standout in a room full of people, this won’t really help you, it’s not quirky or different

If you want something for the summer months, this perhaps won’t fare to well. Indian summers are too harsh and this scent will fade away in no time. I think it will fare better in winter and spring.

—     It’s all about chemistry. Initially it smelt very powdery on me, (or maybe it was just my imagination) but it doesn’t anymore. It might smell powdery on you. I suggest you try it in the mall, take a walk for five minutes and see if it works for you.

Overall Verdict: B+

Bvlgari Rose Essentielle Price in India:Rs 3700 Approx for 100 ml

Recommendation: A delicate, feminine and elegant fragrance for special occasions describes this scent the best. I recommend this to women who want to feel feminine and confident and are used to the altering nature of a scent because of its notes.

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