“As for the bazaars of Trebizond, on entering I felt as though I was heading into Ali Baba’s magical cave.” Christian Dior, 1931

 Chasing an Oriental dream… Christian Dior was a young man a long way from home when he gazed in wonder at the maze of stalls overflowing with fabrics and spices, shimmering colours and intoxicating scents…This highly sensorial world remained in his mind when, having become a Couturier-Perfumer, he loved to use richly embroidered fabrics and decided to compose exceptional perfumes.Inspired by this fascination fo

r a fantastical Orient, today François Demachy, the House of Dior’s Perfume-Creator, has created a very special fragrance: Oud Ispahan  “The Oud Ispahan fragrance is an immediate impression, an instant local snapshot of the Orient.”François Demachy, Dior  Perfumer-Creator

Interpreting the classic accords of a Woody Oriental, François Demachy has bestowed a contemporary identity on this olfactory evocation of the Orie

“It is still very recognisable, a special, unforgettable fragrance.” François Demachy

Oud Ispahan invites Rosa Damascena Essence to an enchanting encounter, blending with Oud fromLaosand Labdanum Absolute. The Damascus Rose joins its luminous tenderness to the woody potency of Oud and the amber swell of Labdanum Absolute. This major accord of Oud, Labdanum Absolute, and Rose precedes notes of Cedarwood, Patchouli fromIndonesia, and Sandalwood fromNew Caledonia, to finish with a saffron tone. The Oud Ispahan fragrance is an immediate impression, an instant local snapshot of the Orient.

A heady creation from Dior High Perfumery, the Oud Ispahan fragrance is the vision of a modern, enchanting Orient. Composed with carefully selected raw materials, this potent fragrance imposes sleek charm and the spirit of travel and discovery.


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