Faces Kajal Review 

Guest Post by CSP Ballal (Light Skin tone, Normal to Dry Skin)

Faces Claims :

–          Beautiful Eyes Beautiful Everyday

–          Contains Almond oil which is known to promote eyelash growth

–          Lasts for several hours

–          Ginkgo biloba prevents ageing of under eye skin

–          Lead-free FACES Kajal is safer for your skin

How to use:

–          Ensure your eyes are clean

–          Glide FACES Kajal on the lower eye lid from the inner to outer edge

–          Repeat the same on your upper eyelid

–          For a thick Kajal look, apply twice to thicken the lines

My take on FACES Kajal:

Kajal is an inseparable part of an Indian  woman’s life. It’s almost an ancient tradition with us now, carrying forth with beauty rituals of ladies of the past 100 years or so. Personally, A jet dark black is what I prefer on my lower lash line and  it seems like my Kajal hunting days have come to an end after having sampled most of the kajals and landing on this Faces Cosmetics Kajal.

By luck, my brains decided to pick up this FACES Kajal one day as i was browsing through their counter. Packed in a lipstick like twist up case, it has a cap that locks with slight press. If you twist the tube, you get a huge conical black Kajal. The cone is pretty sleek if you compare FACES Kajal with its peers. The package also has a mirror attached. Overall, the product looks stylish in its case.

The Kajal is soft and smooth and glides very well on my waterline. There is absolutely no tugging and no stinging while applying. The color comes so easily and feels like I am gliding butter on my waterline. The color is dark enough with just a single swipe. But, by habit, I always make sure that I swipe on my waterline at least trice (sometimes even more). The Kajal stays on for about 5 hours without any fuss. After about some more hours, I find it fading.

The smudging characteristic in this product is almost nil. OK. Negligible not nil . The eyes still has the Kajal applied effect for an entire day with very little smudging. I have used this Kajal only on my waterline. As per the usage instructions, using on the upper eyelid may not be a good idea. Some interesting facts about this product, main ingredient being almond-oil, lead-free Kajal and contains Ginkgo biloba. (Now please go and google Ginkgo biloba. I am yet to find out what it is. )

I have nothing to complain about this product. Just that the fact that the konical shape loses its pointedness over time and becomes flat, thereby reducing precision in application

Rating: A

Price: Rs.99

Recommendation:  I love this faces kajal. Its intensely black, buttery smooth, affordable and and does not smudge half as bad as the other kajals in the market. Definitely one of the best kajals iv tried to date!

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